Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fluffin' the Nest

I managed to get some alone time this last weekend. Seriously! An entire Saturday all by my lonesome. H4L loaded up Baby DIVA and left me to my own devices. I didn't even have to ask for this marvelous happening. Nope, he offered it up all by himself. I'm thinking someone wants to get lucky. Just kidding! :) I just have a wonderful husband who can read me like a book and when he sees the horns growing from my head, he knows he needs to take action. Quickly.

So what did I do? I nested, of course! I kid you not; One kid is off with daddy leaving me alone all day and so the other one ramps up the hormones and sends me into nesting mode. JEEZ!!! One might think that I would opt to lay on the couch, work out my arm muscles by channel surfing and possibly take a big snooze. Well, in my perfect imagination that is exactly what I did. But In reality hormones won and I became a slave to my craving of clean.

Anyhow, now that it is all said and done, and my ENTIRE day of ALONE is gone spent scrubbing floors, organizing and labeling anything that I could, and making some space for Critter2 by cleaning out every closet I could get my grubby little hands on, I actually feel grateful. My house is spic and span. It feels awesome to walk into. No stench of poopie pants greets you as you pass the diaper genie because I was just too tired to take the trash out. No mystery piles of paper stacked up in odd places hoping to be sorted someday. All the cabinets and drawers and closets are organized and everything is in its proper place. The shredder has been fed for the month with paperwork that was just about to start growing a nasty fungus called "you better check this pile for anything important, or it might come out to bite you". It feels great. Clean. Organized. Ahhh, until Baby DIVA tap dances on her popcorn snack on my nice clean carpet. The joys of mommahood!

A couple of my prize projects from "Fluffin the Nest" day are my pantry and my stockpile closet. I went through both and cleaned, straightened, tossed out expired and old. I also made myself a running list that can be checked when stockpile ops come about. Also helps me know what I NEED to purchase and what I don't. This is something I have been desperately wanting to do for some time, so I am really glad to have completed this project. Here have a lookey:

Hair stuff stock

Teeth/shave and non Stench stock

My Spice cabinet, organized and each shelf listed for cooking ease

My perfectly organized pantry shelves listed out so I know exactly what we have on hand and where to find it

Pantry view
Maybe I am a big nerd. this might seem crazy to some. But for me it makes me feel great. Gives me structure in the insanity of parenthood and allows me to spend more of my time with my family rather than hunting for items in our home. So yes, that is how I spent my entire free day alone. Giving in to the needs of Critter2 hormones and "Fluffin my nest". Ignoring the fabulous opportunity I had to rest my fluffy pregnant butt on the couch and channel surf Lifetime Television. But I feel good about my choice and will continue to remind H4L how I choose MY friend time for months to come. heehee :)


  1. Oooh, yippee to a clean & organized house AND a day to do it all!
    Now that it's done, the next time you get a day alone (hahah, i'm dreaming, i know) you can get the nap!

  2. Mrs curdy thanks! You know the "next time" will probably be when the kids go off to college. hhahahahah

  3. Oh nesting. I remember it well, haha. I wish I could get that organized! I'm lucky to get halfway there! Good on you, mama.

  4. Look at your stockpile! Wow. I thought I was ahead of the game and organized. Your makes mine look like Acacia did it haha

  5. Want to come do my house? LOL!


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