Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowmagedon 2011 hits Katy, Texas

Have you been watching the news? Have you been face to face with the snowmagedon of 2011? Well, if you are reading this from one of the northern states please hold back your laughter as I share with you the crazy experiences we having down here in the south with this snowmagedon.

First off, let me tell you, here in Katy Texas, a suburb west of Houston, we DO NOT have winter. We have 2 seasons. We have summer and light summer. My family does not even own winter coats. Sure each year we might have a cold "hour" and we might even drop to 39 degrees here and there. But it is usually at 3am and for all intensive purposes not really my problem. A sweatshirt and flip flops suffice just fine on my tiny walk from the garage to my house. The idea of "winter" is something cute we make with our kids turning cotton balls and glue into snowmen.

Well for some reason this week, Mother nature thought it would be rather humorous to include our little place in the world in the path of snowmagedon. We all watched the tube as the storm crossed to the country, dropping feet and feet of snow on the northern states. Blizzard warnings went up left and right. We watched in awe as states and cities, who all well equipped to handle winter weather, buckled under the pressure of this storm. Couple that with the repeated warnings for us "Houstonians" to hunker down and prepare for "Real" winter weather and the possibility of 1-3 inches of accumulated snow, and HOT DOG our city went ballistic!

Store shelves were emptied. Bread. Milk. Ice. (cause ummm that is needed in a winter storm) were all quick sell outs. Oh and let us not forget the hot chocolate. 24 hours of snow is going to require tons and tons of this magic potion. Schools closed. Offices closed. Classes were cancelled. We all sat with anticipation waiting to experience WINTER. And although very excited about the possibility of building snowmen, a little nervous after watching what power this storm brought to the rest of the country.

And then it came.

And in case you missed that here is another shot.

What did I tell you? We have summer and light summer. Houston Blizzard 2011! My northern friends, you may laugh now.


  1. That is funny :)
    Our last storm I think we ended up with5 inches of snow. I guess you'll just have to come to NC to build your snowman :)

  2. Crystal it is funny. WE really were all prepared to wake up this morning and see snow everywhere. Whatever. Im cool with building my snowmen out of cotton balls!

  3. I am probably your most Northern reader in Western Canada but I will not laugh.

    I have been watching the news (we receive all the good tv shows on American stations via satellite).

    Crazy some of the blizzards in the eastern part which also hit Ontario. But I am a praire girl and we have had snow that closed our doors shut. It's the combo of a blizzard and the wind that does the most damage.

    And the freezing temps -40 Celsisus and schools nor school buses stop in this cold.

    I guess it's just our norm.

    That being said if I came to Texas this Canadian just might melt! Love the post. Now to catch up on your blog

  4. Oh. That's such a cute little icicle!

    I'm in Chicago- 22 inches, in this last storm, baby. Lake Shore drive had like, 300 abandoned vehicles on it, all covered in snow, because the city didn't close it down in time.

    But cute icicles, over there!


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