Sunday, February 6, 2011

MDO/ preschool hunt

We are on the prowl for a mothers day out/pre school program for Baby DIVA. Nothing Fancy. I do not want my child in the most trendy, Einstein school out there. I simply want a casual learning experience where she might learn a letter and a color but mostly will begin to learn how to not kill her her little sister by gaining social interaction skills.

So the last few weeks I have been hunting. And all I can say is WOW! I honestly had no idea that I needed to be concerned with my child's glorified day care of one day a week back when she was still just a sperm. Wait list after wait list, I have placed our name. I will be lucky to get my kid into a MDO program before she heads off to college.

Really? Is this necessary? Toddlers are toddlers. They all go in and poop their pants, eat glue and learn how to quietly steal each others toys. Do we really need to act like a bunch of desperate housewife characters to snag our kids a spot in the school down the street so they can see who eats the glue the fastest. Geez.

I suppose I am already too late for Critter2. I mean she is 23 weeks along in my belly. Damn poor kid is never gonna have a chance at Mothers Day Out.

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  1. We have a wonderful free program here. The kids have class twice a week for about 2 hours. They teach them how to interact with other kids and the basic stuff they need to know for preschool. It is awesome. Hannah loved it and my niece loves it. Acacia gets to go this next school year. It is really gre


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