Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Critter2 Update

Hello my friends.

32 weeks complete and we are working on the 33rd! Getting closer and closer! But still on strict bed rest. Boo! Lame. But hey, it is what is best for the beast of a babe cooking in my womb!

Yesterday we saw the Dr. My BP is staying in a safe range on the meds. I lost yet another pound, Butt sitting. SERIOUSLY??? If only I could do that when I'm not pregnant. I had another gallbladder attack this last weekend thanks to some oil that snuck into my food, but we survived just fine. Diet restrictions still in place. Fluid consumption still in place. And Critter2 has demonstrated her high maintenance ways by doing a lovely party trick. She has flipped head up, into a Breech position. I thought she was super active this weekend. And sure enough the Dr confirmed it yesterday that she is head up butt sitting down, just like her butt sitting momma. Coolness.

I have some websites and information packets on attempting to flip a babe in utero head done, naturally. But I have also been advised to do so while monitoring my pressures as the act of babe flipping in Pre Eclampsia patients cause cause a rise in blood pressure. Super cool! Any tips or tricks you might have to share are welcomed on this, I really appreciate ideas and input!

I'm still ordered to stay on bed rest for the duration. Only up to use the restroom, shower and eat. But I have been granted a pass to walk myself to the backyard and sit there. And even though we are already hitting summer like temps outside, it is lovely to be out there and watch my Baby DIVA play, breathe in the fresh air, and picture two baby girls playing in the grass in the very near future!

So that is where we stand...or rather butt sit. We head back in next Monday for another Biophysical ultrasound and checkup. Until then I am off to leave a permanent imprint of my butt in the couch. I leave you with the adorable mug shot of Critter2!!!


  1. Glad she is still baking!!! Hoping all goes well! And also hoping for no more gall bladder attacks!!!

  2. Thanks Amy! Im feeling a lot better about her baking too! She is doing great and here is hoping for maybe 3 more weeks :)!!!!!!!


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