Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Road Kill Easter chicks and other ugly toddler crafts

Critter2 and I spent another couple of nights in the hospital, but we are now home safe and sound and enjoying bed rest together with Baby DIVA. I still am working on fun and exciting crafts and activities we can do together, Momma and Baby DIVA, while butt sitting. This week I kind of blew off the letter theme for our projects and just went with the Easter theme.

Now let me preface these activities with a little learned fact. With an older child these could be performed just fine in bed while momma is bed rested. With a spunky 2 year old, well, take that 10 minutes of freedom you get from bed rest, blow off your daily shower and sit at a table to craft with your tot.

First up, Tissue Paper Eggs. Grandma was over visiting us and helping me keep control of one spunky Baby DIVA. This added some extra fun to this craft. I simply blew up a balloon, handed Baby DIVA a bowl of glue and a paintbrush and let her paint the balloon. Then I let her dig into a basket full of colored tissue paper I had torn up earlier in the morning while butt sitting. She covered the balloon with glue and then slapped on the colored tissue paper. Well, sort of. She really could care less. She thought this was awesome for about 3 minutes and then was ready to move on. I found the original idea Here, at the Imagination Tree, and have high hopes to attempt this project again next year.

Loving the glue
And interest beginning to fade
Grandma and Baby DIVA Crafting
Baby DIVA's creation, post loss of interest
Here is Grandma's masterpiece. She took her eggs and cut them in half. Then she made eggs, chicks and bunnies, out of glue and bread. Super cute! I was napping while she created so I am not sure how she did it, But Baby DIVA loves it!

Then we worked on another great project which H4L has named "Road Kill Easter chicks". I found this idea on a blog and then forgot what blog I found it on. So, if this was your idea let me know so I can give you credit. I worked the idea from memory too, so it might be a little off the original posters plan.

I took 3 paper plates. Traced Baby DIVA's hand prints two of them and cut them out. These will serve as the "wings". While I was cutting her prints out, Baby DIVA dug into the yellow paint and began to decorate the Chick body or the third paper plate. Then I gave her the wings and let her paint these too. After her masterpiece was "yellowed" up, we glued the wings in place and then covered the body of the chick with yellow feathers. And Voila...Road Kill Easter Chick.

Painting Yellow Chicks

Road kill Easter Chick

These were fun and simple Easter Crafts that gave Baby DIVA some fun without stressing out my butt sitting bed rested body. Now, she is two, we are not seasoned artists, but we had fun and these activities will both be on our list again next year, while not bed rested!

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  1. I'm glad everything turned out Ok and that you're home again!
    Also, can NOT believe how big baby DIVA is looking these days! She is so sweet.


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