Friday, April 1, 2011

Laugh your way through labor??

So many of my friends these days have decided to go the "natural" way in childbirth. Not meaning just birthing without a c-section or induction, no, they are all for going completely drug free, enduring the pain, experiencing the "ring of fire" and bringing children into the world "old style" if you will.

I am not that kind of girl. Sorry. I do not like pain. But I do want to make sure my child is safe as well as that I am safe. All medical procedures and drugs do have some potential side effects and all that is to be considered and the outcomes weighed against pros and cons. I personally have chosen to go the route of the epidural, and I am happy to have it take its place as soon as my Dr will allow it. The earlier the better, makes me smile.

But the other day I came across this article offering up another option for childbirth. An option that was dropped from circulation many years ago but seems to be making a bit of a comeback. This is an option open to women who may not want "drugs" but need a little something to help take the edge off when the contractions and pain become so intense they think they are going to rip in half, but also wears off quickly enough they can go on and bust through the "ring of fire" just as they intended and enjoy a non drug induced first few moments with their new baby.

This option is laughing gas. Yep. It appears that Nitrous Oxide is making a comeback into the delivery room. Instead of screeching in pure pain, moms can now giggle their way through the horrendous pain and then moments later be snuggled down with a new life, the precious baby they have been waiting for. I personally would still like my epidural, but think this is kind of nice option for those moms who don't want full medications throughout childbirth, but need a little something to help them through. What do you think? would you utilize laughing gas? Are you against it? Why or why not?


  1. They still do this in Europe. I had a friend who used it and said it didn't help much, just made her feel loopy and she didn't like it. My doctor told me that the least side effect inducing drug is the epidural, and the longer you wait to get it the better. My last hospital would give you one all the way until you started pushing. I managed to hold off until I was 6 cms and my water broke. This time I plan to try to hold off again as long as possible, but depending on the hospitals policy I might have to get it sooner then last time.

  2. Ha, that's awesome - I like my epidural but that's a very interesting and FUNNY idea :-) Love it!

  3. I might have to try that! I tried to go without any drugs with my daughter, but 30 minutes from when she was born, it was a "get an epi, or get a c-section" choice, so what was I supposed to do?? Obviously, I took the epidural.


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