Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are home, bedrested, but home!

After a little over a week in the hospital, I have finally found my way home. YAY! Baby DIVA is a little perturbed at this situation. While sitting in momma's lap she wants to know why we can not still video chat momma. Hmmmm....

I have pre-eclampsia and I am on strict home bed rest. I am still on blood pressure medication to keep the pressures down, but they are holding. I am on a strict diet and have to rest rest rest. Before leaving the hospital we had numerous ultrasounds and found that my amniotic fluid levels were low. Nothing that a huge load of iv fluids couldn't correct, but this will need to be monitored.

On a super exciting positive note, the ultrasounds also showed Critter2 to be pushing 4.5 pounds. She is a BEAST! And thanks to the steroid shots last week, her little lungs are "breathing" in womb juice. We watched her do tons of breathing exercises in utero and swallow and play and just her general perfectness. In the event of an early delivery, she is looking fabulous!

A problem that I have run into is how to have fun with Baby DIVA while sitting booty on the couch or in bed. I have someone here with me because I am not allowed to lift Baby DIVA or chase her around, and that helps. But in all reality I still want to interact and have fun with my own kid. So, I put my thinking cap on and have gone through our never ending pile of fun activities and will testing them out with Baby DIVA from here on out. As I can, I will be posting what works well and what doesn't. So any other bed rest momma's out there can still smile and enjoy the time with their own kids despite the suckiness of bed rest!


  1. Hope she bakes in there a little longer!! :)

  2. im so sorry you got pre eclampsia, rest up sweetie - i hope critter 2 bakes in there for a while longer. Thinking of you babes xxx


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