Sunday, October 17, 2010

6 Month Meat?

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I am pressed for time and want to scoot my mom ride thru the drive at the local fast food getaway to feed my Baby DIVA, self and H4L. I know it makes me a terrible mom, pumping my kid full of french fries deep fried in a cooker by some pimply teen, but hey a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do, right? And we all know that there are days that those fries are as good as it is gonna get. I always feel incredibly guilty after loading my kid up on fast fries, or perhaps its is just the rumblings in my tummy from the grease and preservatives, whatever it is, now after hearing about McDonald's 6 month old un-aged meal, I am even more disgusted than ever.

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Sally Davies , a photographer who lives close to a McDonald's, purchased a happy meal 6 months ago, in April 2010, brought it home and placed it on a white china plate. She intended to take a picture everyday as the decomposing process set in. A project stemmed from an article she found online about a 12 year old burger that was still kicking it. You can see this project, and all the photographic details HERE, as well as her other works which happen to be pretty cool.

I can tell you that my daughter will probably still have a fast food something here or there in her lifetime, I can not stop that. What I can do though, is look at this project and each time I am feeling lazy remember that not only is the fast food lifestyle unhealthy, but do I really want my child, myself and my H4L to be eating foods that never decompose, never break down, never go away. Not really. Instead I will try and take my lazy butt home, down a red bull, (cause they are healthy right?) and cook up something that possibly will decompose and release those nutrients into my family and keep THEM kicking for years to come, instead of keeping that nasty burger kicking for years.


  1. ugh...I get the laziness/takeout combo..with 4 kids and insomnia to boot what else can I do somedays. I also get the grossness...ewww... but I love my fast food too.

    Yesterday we had to go out with the whole family at lunchtime. I wanted to just go to Mcd's drivethru but instead I found some energy to make sandwiches for us all and apples to eat on the way to skating. NO one even complained.

  2. Mmm... McDonalds fries are just such a YUMMY salty delicious treat. I've never been able to make my own substitute that satisfies as much.

  3. Mickey D's is banned in our is most fast food. The hubs and I decided a few years ago that it's crap and try to avoid it as much as humanly possible. With the new baby, a very active toddler, and a teen keeps me busy so I tend to haphazardly throw a meal together instead of planning like I would like. However that is even more better for us than any ff could ever be. Don't beat yourself up over an occasional slip for convenience, just be aware of your choices.

  4. Sid the Science Kid did a similar experiment. Check it out here.


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