Friday, October 1, 2010

Life as We Know It...the movie

I had the marvelous opportunity to take a momma time out and go see a movie with a great friend, Love to Shop Mom. I jazzed myself up, which in layman's terms means I actually got out of my stylish fashion of day long Pajama wearing that moms seem to know way too well, painted up my face with some make up I forgot I had, slipped on some flip flops (my kind of heels), kissed the kids (Baby DIVA and H4L) bye bye and took off in my mom ride for a wild night out.

But, you know there is something about sporting the mom ride that just kind of deflates your bubble of fun from Hot wild gal to fat momma. And then there is that feeling of fluff that began to resonate over me because I was dressed fabulously in my never really wear anymore jeans because I live in "comfy pants" pretend to be hip mom fashion choice; and I might not really be fitting in them so swell these days. Nonetheless, I felt great and grabbed my gal pal for a whimsical spin in the van, that brought us to a sneak preview of the movie Life as we Know it.

FANTABULOUS movie! The movie is a predictable tale, a story line that is simple, yet incredibly captivating. It really hit home with me, displaying an image of the modern day family and lifestyles that I have come to know as the norm in this day and age. The general premise of this flick is as follows: A young successful couple has a child. This same young couple has a set of best friends, his best dude and her best gal. These bests hate each other, with a undying passion stemmed from a bad blind date set up many years before. Happy married couple dies and leaves their only child, whom is only 1 years old, in the custody of these two adults, the bests, that despise one another. The movie then chronicles the lives of these three people who are thrust together in a bittersweet turn of events that life dealt for them, throughout the first year of this lifestyle change. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

As a parent, I identified on a number of levels with this movie. I found myself immersed in the culture of being a parent and the favorable aspects such a gift provides. The enticing views of feeding a toddler and getting covered in "back spit". The first precious steps your child ever takes and how you must document this achievement with every electronic document capturing device you have at your disposal. Doing whatever it takes to soothe this "monster" child, even if it means standing on your head inside the fridge while singing Barney all night long. And of course those cherished moments where the baby is sound asleep and you peer over the edge of the crib and know deep in your soul you are looking directly at an angel, a gift from above, pure peaceful perfection.

But I also was able to catch a glimpse of my former self in the characters. A glimpse that reminded me, that although I am the greatest expert on parenting now, (hold your laughter back please), I didn't have a clue at the beginning. The former self that was lost, confused, terrified, but willing to bend my body backwards, in half, and up side down to figure out how to keep this kid alive. My former self that was shocked and terrified to learn motherhood was being tossed on my doorstep, but was flinging the door open with enthusiasm. Well perhaps it was a slip of the hand and fear that flung the door open, but that is neither here nor there.

The simple and genius storyline of this movie enabled the actors to really hone in on the real life moments that inevitability factor into every parents life. The movie portrayed a life that all of us could identify with. A story that tugs at the heartstrings and enables you to gain perspective into the lives of parents. All while giving a fantastic performance that is sure to capture anyones heart. Truly entertaining. A must see for all those who would like a glimpse into the life of parenting.

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