Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin time!!!

It is that time again! October has come and Halloween (and my FIRST anniversary) is on the horizon. The air is crisp and cool, at least for today, and there is candy every which way I turn. And more importantly there are giant orange pumpkins bouncing around all over town.

And Pink Haired Ladies sliding down giant pvc pipe slides with Baby DIVA's!

We took Baby DIVA to Dewberry Farm this weekend for a good ol' time and a romp in the pumpkin patch. Dewberry Farm is a tradition here for us, a tradition of 2 whole years now. Click HERE to see a few pics from our fun from last year at Dewberry. This year Baby DIVA was a little bit more involved. She enjoyed sliding down the slides and playing in Fort Dew hickey. She cautiously but ever so full of curiosity examined the chickens and turkeys and goats and pigs in the animal petting zone. We climbed through tires and wrestled in the Corn crib and sand pit. The weather was gorgeous and inviting as Baby DIVA had a full out tantrum and refused to climb in the Hay pile, I suppose she didn't want to give her DIVA bum dirty. So we loaded her up in the stroller and got ourselves lost in the 4 acre Corn maze. Fun at first, annoying when I really couldn't figure my way out!

Daddy taking a break while lost in the Corn Maze

This view is SCARY! Lost in Corn...not cool!

We jumped aboard the "hay ride" that drove us out to the pumpkin patch. Its was a sea of orange...well kind of. The heat from the harsh summer months and the fact we are still a little early in the season gave us more of a pond of orange, but nonetheless the PUMPKINS were out and ripe for the picking. We scurried on out posed Baby DIVA at every awesome pumpkin we encountered, just to torture her of course. And then she took off scouting out the orange balls for her very favorite. And she found one. A nice plump pumpkin to take home and have Daddy carve a big old Moose A Moose in! Yippee!

Tire playing


  1. Awww! How fun!! I wish we had a pumpkin patch around us, but no such luck. Only truckloads of them.

    Looks like a great time! Not sure about the corn maze though. :)

  2. happy october!! you look like you all had such a fun time!!! enjoy your pumpkin time!!!


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