Monday, October 4, 2010

Grilled Cheese

H4L and I met at work. He worked in the IT department and I in Quality Assurance. I pursued him for months; he wouldn't give me the time of day. Then one Fall day, the weather had taken a plunge from the high 100 degree's to the fabulous 90's here in Houston, Texas, and I came down with the flu, because of the harsh weather change of course. I felt like a giant bag of poo and left work early. Later on that evening a phone call came, a surprise call at that. It was my future H4L, only I had no idea at that time.

Him: "So, you aren't feeling well huh?"

Me: "Not Really"

Him: "Why don't I come by and bring your some soup?"

Me: "That would be nice"

Inside I was jumping with joy. HOT DIGGITY DOG! But outside I looked like a nightmare! I quickly jumped up and tried to fix myself up, to pretend I wasn't sick with the flu. Who was a fooling? I looked and felt like a microwaved bag of poo, but luckily my nose was so stopped up I couldn't smell myself, because I know I stank like yucky flu too. I figured if he lasted 5 minutes we were good. A little while later soon to be H4L arrived at my door with Soup. We warmed it up and slurped on it and talked, to my surprise, throughout the whole entire night. We both stayed home sick the next day and talked and talked all day long, between nose blows that is. From that moment I knew, I knew I would spend all my life with this man. I was smitten.

We celebrate each year on that special September day with soup and Grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Something silly, simple, and comforting to always bring us back to that moment and to remind us how we got our start. Where the roots are planted in our life. How we first got our start. It is a special way to share our love with each other and our daughter without making a huge spectacle of the date, and we really love it. A timeless treat to enjoy together, now, as a family.

Most days I overlook the simple turn of events that brought me to where I am today. Most days it doesn't cross my mind. But this month when I opened up my Martha Stewart magazine I found in there an entire article dedicated to the Grilled Cheese. Gourmet grilled cheese. And it made me smile. It made me think that a simple bowl of soup and a grilled cheese can be enjoyed not only in its simplest form, but it can also be dressed up and served with cherry preserves and white cheddar. A delicacy that can please all tastes and ages. But when it comes right down to it, it is just two greats, cheese and bread, melted together to form the perfect sandwich. Two separates combined into one to make a new and wonderful treat. Very much like H4L and myself. We are two great pieces melted together to form one great relationship.

So from now on each year, I will continue to dine on our simple soup and grilled cheese dinner, smile at the man I love and always know how wonderful we are together! Don't you just love to be reminded of the pure love and happiness in your life in the oddest unexpecting moments and places?

I love you hun! Happy Anniversay month!


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