Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It is not even Halloween yet!!!

This really really irks me! I am so tired of seeing this year after year and earlier and earlier.

At the Grocery store yesterday, Pumpkins and Christmas BLEH!!!

I do not want to see Christmas crap out on shelves or decorations in stores inside or out until we are at least nearing Thanksgiving. The retail industry is killing the magic of the holidays. How can a tiny tot find a super cool fabulously decorated store special during those magical days before Christmas, if they have been looking at the decorations for months along side of pumpkins, gremlins and turkeys?

Give me a break people. Wait another few weeks, PLEASE!!!! Sales for Christmas can not be that exuberant in the month of October. Those who are already buying for the holidays, I am sure have already been buying all year and are in the process of crafting, not hanging wreaths on their door today!!

Does this bother you? Do you think the retail industry kills the magic? When do you think the stores should bring out Christmas items and decorate their buildings?


  1. Yeah, they need to settle down. Kids have a hard enough time waiting for Christmas to come. They start seeing that, and they think it's next week!

  2. Can I put in my 2 cents? I work in retail. I'm actually in charge of the team that does transitions in a store. There isn't much between Halloween and Christmas that is worthy of the space that those items go into and once that Halloween stuff is gone, you've got to get something in that valuable space. It would be a waste of time to do a "filler" set (bonus buys, plastics, etc.)just so we could hold off on Christmas for a few weeks. It would all have to cycle through to clearance and would be a nightmare to get through before Black Friday. For every person who hates to see it there are ten people asking where they can find the ornaments and twinkling lights in September. Stepping down from soapbox now...

  3. Miss Erin thank you for putting your voice out there too! I always welcome comments from different points of view. I understand from a retail point of view why it is done, but i just think it is sad also. I remember being young and not seeing christmas out until late november. My parents say they never saw christmas in the retail industry until after thanksgiving. If it could be done then, why can it not be done now?

    I dont mind so much the lights and ornaments going in at craft places and home stores because people do need time to purchase, plan and pay for items. I do not like that the outside of shopping malls and stores are already fully decorated for the holiday season. I mean if employees can work to get it up and going NOW, why cant they work they do the same 4 weeks from now?

  4. Bugs me up the wall. There's just no magic there anymore. It gets so tiring! Even the Dollar Tree yesterday, you have one isle of halloween, and THREE of christmas already! [Then one small 1/2 isle section of some thanksgiving stuff]. It's just ridiculous. We avoid going out unless it's to the grocery at this time. It ruins it for sure.

  5. Totally, then you get all panicky cuz you are like omg... christmas is coming ...... christmas is coming......

    Darn people!


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