Saturday, November 26, 2011

Desmond the Elf

Have you heard of The Elf on the Shelf ? Well, until last year I hadn't. But I thought is was so fabulous and couldn't wait until this year to get it going with Big Sis DIVA.

If you are not familiar with this tradition here it is in a nut shell. A little doll elf that sits on the shelf. Comes with a fantastic little story book about Christmas magic and how said elf reports to Santa each night. Elf lets Santa know if the members of the house are naughty or nice. So basically this crazy little doll keeps your kids in check all season long.

Our family Elf is named Desmond, and he arrived last Monday night, just in time for pre Thanksgiving meltdowns. "Desmond is watching for naughty little children!", but I would NEVER say that to my kids. Nope! HA!! I do not like doing Christmas anything before Turkey day, but Big Sis DIVA found Desmond's "Elf Mobile" aka his box and book and desperately wanted to know what it was. So his arrival was early. In the case of a 3 year old who is naughty a lot this is a good thing!

We have been having a blast. Big Sis DIVA eagerly hunts Desmond down every morning to see what mischief he has found himself in. Throughout the day if she knows she is up to no good, she will stop and point to his perch on the hanging light above our kitchen table and tell me, "Desm and wating". Her speak for Desmond is watching. LOVE IT!!!

Here are a few snapshots of Desmond's recent mischief.

Good ol' Desmond pulled all Big Sis DIVA's baby photo albums off the shelf for a look!

Desmond stole a cookie and even ate some!

Before Big Sis DIVA's Birthday party, Desmond swiped the candles!

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