Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What happened to the magic?

I love Christmas. Really! I love it. And now through the eyes of my kids, I really am giddy with anticipation. I can not wait for the holiday season. However, I am furious with the constant barrage of Christmas decor starting back before Halloween. I do not find it acceptable to walk into the grocery store and find Rudolph sitting atop pumpkins that have yet to be chosen for jack-o-lanterns. I hate having to explain to my daughter that Santa does not come to dinner on Thanksgiving. I am already sick and tired of hearing Christmas music and we have not even sat down to stuff ourselves full of fowl.

What is the problem? Why must we do this? We ALL know Christmas comes in the month of December. Perhaps marketing teams feel that consumers will not spend money if Santa is not thrust in their faces for months leading up to the big day. On the contrary. I find myself REFUSING to spend any of my money at any store that floods my vision with Christmas decor way before its time. I strongly feel that those people who will be spending money year round for Christmas (myself included) are going to do so whether or not the twinkle lights and bells are going. However, push me to see stockings hung in October and you can be assured I will take my money elsewhere.

STOP IT! Stop forcing Christmas to come along 3 months before it should. Allow Halloween to have its own time. Allow this country to enjoy Thanksgiving and all that encompasses this holiday without the stressful rush to hurry it up and move on to Christmas. Allow our Children to experience was THANKSGIVING involves without the commercialized necessity to make sure they jump start Christmas wants. Allow our kids to be thankful for what they have, family, friends, and food and of course their toys.

Let us go back to the magic of the season. Allow for total transformation into the wonderful world of the holidays AFTER Thanksgiving. Let us give our younger generations and our children something wonderful and special to look forward to. Do we all recall that awesome feeling we have after we decorate the house for the holidays and put the last box away, walk into the room and see the magic. and feel the holiday warmth within our soul? Imagine if we could give that feeling to our children, with the world.

Think about it. Consumers make the difference. We can make it happen. I personally have not set anything Christmas out in view in my home. My daughter will be spending the night with her grandma Friday night and will come home to Christmas wonderland on Saturday. It really is that simple!

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