Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Using my Elf for naps

I REALLY, REALLY, do enjoy it when my kids nap. Really. So I came up with a brilliant idea to get us through the holidays WITH naps.

Enter Desmond, our Elf. Our little critter is quite the character. Stealing candy, making messes by dumping out laundry baskets full of clean clothes. You know, mischievous, like my 3 year old. Well, he got crafty this week. Desmond grabbed a whole bunch of toilet paper rolls, and YES, we do have them just laying around. He covered them in scrapbook paper and strung them together with some twine. Inside each roll he placed a little riddle. A riddle that describes a special assignment for us to do. Perhaps he might have shared one with me. "Snap! Crackle! Pop!" indicating it is a day to make rice krispie treats.

25 little riddles inside a fun little advent calendar crafted by our special Elf Desmond. But, just as we have been told the rules of our elf, we must not touch him and he must not speak to us, SANTA's ORDERS, this assignment advent comes with rules too. We may open the calendar every morning and read the riddle. However, we must continue to be good all day long and only AFTER our nap will the tools and supplies we need to complete our assignments appear with Christmas magic from the north pole.

Will it work? I don't know. But it sure is going to be fun!!

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  1. That's such a great idea! While my older 2 are in school, I have my 1yr old and 4 yr old home, both of which have given up naps...but this idea might be tempting enough to make them take one.


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