Saturday, April 18, 2009

1 week shy of 5 months old

Well a week from today and Amelia will be 5 months old. It is so hard to believe. Motherhood is still the greatest adventure I have ever endured; however it is also the hardest. A few quick updates on Amelia's milestones:

1. she is officially rolling over

2. she is reaching for toys and is able to identify ones she likes and dislikes

3. She "talks"

4. She had her first fever and little cold

5. She went and had her pictures made in the Texas Bluebonnets wearing mommy's dress

I love being a mom and mothering Amelia. Being with her every day and watching her grow and her future unfold each second really is the greatest gift. I could not ask for a greater happiness in life. It never fails that when I am at my wits end and so super frustrated Amelia will again embark on a curious new achievement that brings nothing but joy and warmth and happiness to my heart. I thank the higher being for this marvelous gift of life I am a part of.

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