Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay seriously my kiddo here is learning way to quick!! As much as I think or rather I know (LOL) she is the most advanced super knowledgeable perfect child who has ever graced this planet, I am myself am in shock of all these new accomplishments happening so FAST!! First back on march 7 she laughed, then on the 18th she rolled over from the front to back. ok spread out time there. Then she began to giggle and communicate and really talk to us revealing each growing day more and more of that beautiful personality blossoming like the gorgeous daisies in the yard. Then within the last 24 hours she has learned to roll from her back to front and over again, how to scoot or "crawldrag" across the floor and NOW...

Look mom I can sit up on my own now!!!
What is next??? Will her college applications arrive stamped with ACCEPTED FULL ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP!!!!! LOL
Here is how it happened. We had another wardrobe change after lunch (of course just because we like to change out look not at all because we were dirty) and then I was setting up for the afternoon photo shoot when out of no where little Miss Amelia decided to grace me with yet another new talent.

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  1. That's AWESOME!! I can't wait for D to be sitting up on his own!!


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