Monday, April 27, 2009

All the lovely Women

Not my finest moment in pictures just 2 hours after birth But here are Grandma Kathy, Meemaw, Great Granny, Me and Amelia

Check this out. Little Miss Diva is one lucky girl. She has tons of grandparents. More specifically GRANDMOTHERS...

Momma's Side

Grandma Kathy

Great Great Granny

Great Meemaw

Great Grandma Naomi

Great Grandma Rousseau

Grandma Jane

Daddy's Side

Grandma Lucy

Great Grandma Aguirre

Great Grandma

Wowsers what a lucky little girl to have so many generation of women to learn from!!!!
At my onesie shower with Amelia's Aunt Monica, Grandma Kathy, Meemaw, Grandma Lucy and Aunt Ana

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