Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Everyone has heard about "Snow days" up North. Here in the south we have "Flood days", and today is just such a day.

Last night we had a storm roll in that demonstrated that Mother Nature was a little less than impressed with us here in this fine city. I was working online when we lost electricity, so bye bye customers for the evening. Although I must admit I was not to upset about this change in plans.

The thunder roared and the lighting crashed and the rain came in sideways and with a great force...ALL NIGHT LONG. Pounding rain slammed against our bedroom window and frightened us but the pyhtmic sounds soothed the baby Diva and she slept quite nice (which is a godsend however because of the storm I yet again got no sleep LOL).

Our power restored late last night so we were able to watch the early morning reports of the weather damage on the news. We waited patiently to determine if hubbs-to-be could in fact report for work today or if we were having another FLOOD DAY. Schools begin to report in that they were closed for the day. Our local school district was the first to announce No school today! Businesses begin to report the same. Patiently we sat waiting for the darkness to dissipate and the morning light to reveal what lay before us.

The water receded on our street by first light but the destruction was still to be seen. Cars seemed to have floated up into yards. Water lines of trash and debris lay about in the lawn. The storm drains hummed as the water passed in vigorous force as the water struggled to drain away. Luckily we have no damage to our cars or our home. We thank you Mother Nature for sparing us as so many around us are suffering.

The city received a beating last night and so we have Flood day!

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