Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tea Tree Oil

I love Tea Tree oil.

I always have. This passion dates back 10 years ago to when I was first introduced to this remarkable oil as a brand new massage therapist (Yep just another hidden talent I have. I am a real life massage therapist I just don't choose to do this as my career anymore ).
I use tea tree oil for everything from brushing my teeth to cleaning the house. It is a great antibacterial, anti fungal anti anything bad and is not too bad of a smell.
I am so dazzled by this oil that I wanted to share my newest trick with you!
About 2 months ago I decided to make homemade baby wipes for Amelia. I took a roll of bounty paper towels and mixed in some water, baby oil, baby soap, and tea tree oil. The wipes came out just fine ( i did use them on her briefly)However I quickly found myself using them in a totally different manner. Don't you just love it when you embark on something and it takes you in a completely unexpected direction.
I begin to clean the counters and window sills and just about any other surface i came in to contact within my house with these wipes. I quickly begin to notice that my house smelled lovely, there seemed to be no bugs entering the house (natural repellent) and I felt germ free.
These wipes live happily under the kitchen sink in an air tight Tupperware container and they are brought out whenever I feel the need to call them to duty. The tea tree not only sterilizes but is a natural bug repellent as well, and the smell is quite pleasant. So now not only is my house super clean and disinfected, but it also is pest free. This is double great because I have a fantastic allergy to all bug repellents and chemicals and can not use them at all.
So in light of the Swine Flu and all its glory I thought that after 2 months and the success I have encountered I would share this great oil with you and you too can be disinfected and bug repelled in a cheap and easy way.
If you have never been exposed to Tea Tree oil her are some links for you to study up on:
my favorite brand of essential oils
Wikipedia says
Cool and informative site

And if you would like to make your own baby/cleaning wipes here is the recipe i used:

2 TBSP Baby liquid soap
2 TBSP baby oil
5 Drops Tea Tree Oil
2 Cups Water
1 roll of bounty paper towels (seem to work the best)
Cut the roll of paper towels in half and remove the cardboard liner (recycle using in crafts or compost)
You may want to unroll further to allow ease when retrieving wipes with ease later on
Place paper towels in a air tight container
Mix the above ingredients together until well blended and then pour over paper towels
Make sure paper towels are fully saturated
Then place the air tight lid on container and use wipes whenever needed.


  1. I WAAAAS gonna say package it and sell it...but you givin out the recipe and what not! HAHA

  2. HA! I got the recipe online! Cant sell something i borrowed from someone else!!


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