Friday, April 24, 2009



This in Ruby Red. No gloves. White flowers and a white masquerade wedding mask.

I am finally feeling those pangs of excitement growing inside me, or is it more of deadlines looming and kicking my butt into gear, to get this wedding planned. I can not wait to be married to my Hubbs-to-be and I am so excited to have chosen Las Vegas as our venue. What better to go with wedding vows that the SINFUL city!!! Wooohooo

I have chosen my dress and now i just need to go and purchase it. It is a RUBY princess ball gown poofy skirt and I absolutely love it. I felt like a giant sparkly lobster when i tired it on. Just kidding. It felt great and i did feel very poofy and happy tucked inside this great gown. I still feel that way about it a month later, so it must be a keeper!!! I am very excited about it and yes i will have matching flip flops on under the gown for those of you wondering if i will adorn these bare loving feet with real shoes...absolutely not!

I have decided to carry a white bouquet of tulips hand tied and embellished with peacock feathers. My 3 bridesmaids will be in a black dress of their choosing ( I have given them free reign in this decision to go as crazy or as simple as they want. I mean we are in Las Vegas it is on Halloween and is a masquerade ball). Their arms will be adorned with a wristlet corsage of tulips and feathers and a gorgeous masquerade mask on a stick will hide their identities to all those who try and gaze upon their sparkling beauty.

The 2 groomsmen will have a small white boutonniere carefully placed upon the lapel of the black attire (of the hubbs-to-be's choosing) and gorgeous masquerade face masks to hide their wandering expressions of joy to be a participant in this lavish event. My hubbs-to-be will sport a bright red flower(I am still trying to decide what at this time) on his lapel of the black attire of his choosing and a full face masquerade mask to be removed at the unveiling of being my PRINCE during that magic moment when he may kiss his bride.

These exceptional masquerade nuptials will be sealed in a beautiful ceremony atop the fabulous bridge on Halloween 2009 at 3:30pm in the afternoon in Venice..well The Venetian in Las Vegas! Shortly after this incredible joining of two fabulously sheek people, drinks will follow at the Very Venice bar near the bridge. Then it is off to ride the roller coasters of Las Vegas in full wedding get up followed by a CRAZY night of anything can happen.

Well that is about as much as i have gotten done right now...writing it all out. Now i need to order the flowers, order the masks, order the dress, etc etc. I also need to start planning the reception which is to follow back at home on Nov 7 at the family compound. Oh no!! I feel that headache coming back again!!


  1. Aaaaagh!!! All of that sounds freakin' FANTASTIC!!!! Gosh... I hope that I can be as excited at my wedding next May as you are... for some reason since SB was born I just don't really care that much. (Did I say that out loud? lol)

  2. I know the feeling!! i honestly am trying so hard to get into it. Really i just wish i wave a wand and it would all be done and i would have the pics on the wall and the ring on my figure and no more headache!!! LOL

  3. The time around a wedding is the most energetic and awesome time that you will ever experience in your life.

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    Talk about the dream you have for yourself, have your partner talk about the dream he or she has for themself, then talk about what it is that you need from each other.

    Lastly, what is the dream you have for your marriage. What do each of you need to do to make it a long-lasting reality.

    What you talk about is the basis of your vows. Your vows are the promises of what you will do to keep the dream alive. Supporting each other in your own individual dreams are part of this.

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