Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Happy Earth Day

And so the day begins today with a baby temperature of 100.1. However my little Diva in training seems not to be effected by this heated increase of her body. She continued on with her scheduled early morning photo shoot in honor of earth day at the fabulously sheek location known to the world as "Our backyard" under the Oleander bush. And yes she did give us a quick pose by the compost bin as well in honor of this glorious help restore the earth day. Go Green Baby Go!!
It is assumed at this time that little Diva may be spawning her first tooth and thus the temperature of her young body is elevated. A dose of Tylenol and a lovely nap in the lavish mom's bed and we will see the outcome of this interesting earth day surprise.

So is it totally terrible that on this earth day I find myself already done with the gardening, laundry, dishes and various other household duties for the day (And it is barely 11am) and I am totally enjoying sitting here writing on my blog, working on some articles, watching the first season of Sex and the City on DVD and not really feeling the need to go out and save the world. So maybe my tree hugging self is only hugging a small baby tree right now and not a big oak! Am I incredibly bad or just a worn out mommy who is waiting for her possibly teething fever ridden babe to awake so we can play some more!!!

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