Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magic Momma Elixir

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Just this week, a fantabulous Orchid momma that I know asked me a little question.

"Pink Haired momma I don't know how you are blogging, mommying, and working 40 plus hours a week. Could you please share your magic mommy elixir?"

Well after I cracked up I got to thinking about this. How the heck do I manage to keep it all going and manage to stay SANE all the while? So I began to investigate...

That is when it occurred to me with the simple combination of a few little items, coupled with an incredible ability to multi task, I have found the Magic Mommy Elixir that keeps me SANE and keeps me Happy Pink Haired bopping along, well at least most of the time.

I multi task like a crazed power walking maniac. I blog while on breaks from work (career work and mommy work that is) while cooking dinner and switching laundry. Those 10 add up resulting in fun filled blog posts and fantabulous creations on the table. I manage to squeeze in play dates while at the grocery store, seriously those play areas at walmart ARE set up for this, didn't you know? I shower while watering the yard. I cook while exercising, the stove makes a great balance bar. And I relax while teaching Baby DIVA the art of knowledgeable channel surfing, hand-eye coordination skills!

And every bit of this multi tasking skill is done whilst a carry a Magic Momma Elixir in one hand...

A splash of too many to do lists

A dash of taking credit for store bought cupcakes displayed as your own

A pinch of guilt just because moms have it

A smidge of Excedrin, goes without explaining

A jigger of Monsters or any other suitable energy drink of your choosing

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Whip it all up in the blender, shake it the shaker, stir in a bowl...WHATEVER you have clean to mix will suffice; Pour it all in an adult sippy cup garnish with a handful of several day old cheerios from the backseat of your mom ride and serve daily, repeatedly!

So my lovely Orchid momma, you see a talent for multi tasking and getting myself drunk on life is the answer to surviving the crap mommahood throws you and that my friend is my Magic Momma Elixir!

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  1. I am cracking up!

    This is similar to an elixir I sometimes have. Only I use Goldfish or Apple Jacks instead of Cheerios!


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