Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why are there no slip pads on infant socks?

I have added to my to do list. I now have 75 zillion tasks per day instead of the 45 zillion I had last week.

You see I am no longer just a Stay at home (working) mommy. Pink Haired Momma is moving on up in the world. I graciously accepted a work at home full time position with a fabulous company. I am thrilled to pieces to be working. Okay not really but I am tickled pink to have the moola coming in. That's the motivator , I ain't gonna lie.

So now I hold two full times jobs, as does H4L. I am able to work evenings 40 plus hours a week, after being with Baby DIVA all day. Which is really awesome because my new work schedule does not interfere with our fantabulous social play date schedule. Priorities! H4L works all day at his job full time and then comes home and is Evening Stay at home Pops! And he is so good at it. I hear him being Man in charge with Baby DIVA, and my heart melts. My favorite is "Stop eating the Soap!", and yet it wasn't bath time. Hmmmm.

It works fab for us! The schedule may leave us tired and loony right now but as we work out the kinks it allows us dual income and Baby DIVA never having to visit daycare. A major deal with us. However being So busy though does tend to make the mind wander into exhaustive psychosis from time to time. Here are some of my recent thoughts...

1. Why are there "no-slip" pads on the bottoms of newborn and infant socks? Just wondering.

2. Why is it once you finally get to the store and load up on the one food item your toddler will eat without fail anytime, they then decided they no longer like it?

3. When did I last shower?

4. If I turn away when Baby DIVA mysteriously brings out a snack that I havent given to her in Oh about a week and she munches it, will it not really be happening?

5. How many times can you dry one load of laundry before the clothes disappear?


  1. Well I for one and super jealous that you found a legit work from home job! I hope you don't get too overwhelmed, but it sounds like you and H4L have really worked it out to the best options!

  2. Here are my answers to your recent thoughts.
    1. I got some for Lucas at Target and Old
    2. I KNOW!!!! I really hate that!
    3. Sunday??? Just a guess(LOL)
    4. That happens here on a regular basis and I turn a blind eye also. You gotta pick your battles sometimes.
    5. In my DH's case-- three. It's at that point when I just fold the clothes myself.

    WTG on you new job sitch!! I'm sure it's not easy but so worth it to be able to raise your little diva yourself.

  3. What is the name of the company? I have a wahm too, just wondering if they are the same!
    And that is the biggest danger of working from home. It took awhile to get on a schedule.....after realizing I only showered if I left the house to go somewhere other than the grocery store. oops.


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