Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day is near

Mother's Day is near!


I am alone from when my eyes open until when my eyes close at night. I have full control over what I want to do and when i want to do it and how i do it for at least a full 12-15 hours (notice i don't ask for too much here). And that is all.


At around 530am screeches from Baby DIVA will force open my tired eyes. H4L will pretend to be sleeping so deep that he has no conscious idea that Baby DIVA is awake. Then I will head to the kitchen with Baby DIVA in tow and begin to get her breakfast ready and possibly my own. Might go ahead and get some laundry sorted, plan out the weekly grocery trip and meal plans. What idiots decided to put Mother's Day on a Sunday? The day that is most commonly utilized by Moms to prepare the family for the upcoming week? DUH? I guess it really is "Mother's Day", Mother's Day of work that is!

So that about you? How would like to spend your Mother's Day?


  1. I like the idea of a full day to myself... it won't happen, but its a nice idea :-)
    When my hubby asked I told him I want plants for my garden (as you know my garden is poopoo this year) I am hoping to revive it :-)

  2. You know, my very first Mother's Day, someone asked me if I wanted to spend it alone, a full day to myself. And really, no I don't. Because on Mother's Day I am celebrating BEING a mom. Celebrating what I have accomplished. But what I WOULD like is for my husband to take over the cooking and cleaning for the day...and be able to PLAY with those little ones.


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