Friday, April 30, 2010

My new bloggin' rules

I have been really thinking about my Pink Haired Momma blog and what direction I would like to see this blog go in. I am a mommy blogger along with all the other thousands of mommy bloggers. I did not set out to make money or to receive incentive items to write about when this blog began. I simply wanted to share with whoever wanted to listen my thoughts on my life as it unfolded. I briefly got caught up in the hustle and bustle of blogging and thought about taking it to another level and allowing it to become a career. Very quickly I found that this is not for me.

I do not like crowds, and I quickly found that the mommy blogger for profit area was just full of crowded women pushing each other around trying to get to the front of the line. That ain't for me. Seriously it can get quite catty. I fully expect to see Desperate Housewives of America: the Bloggin Momma's series to erupt on the tube soon.

I do not like censoring what I have to say in order to keep sponsors comfortable with allowing me to review their products. I do not like having to set deadlines on my life, just so I can get a blog post out about this or that. The race to be the best mommy with the best blog and the coolest blog posts ruins the heart of a blog, and I am not willing to do that to Pink Haired Momma. That is not who I am.

Pink Haired Momma chronicles the thoughts I have and the fun adventures I encounter in my every day life as a wife, mother, woman, and Pink Haired fluffy chick. I don't have a rhyme or reason to what the posts my bring. I simply will write what I am feeling, seeing, doing, thinking. When you visit Pink Haired Momma you will likely find an assortment of information that calls out to the side of motherhood everyone understands. LIFE. Some days it is good, some days it is bad. Some times LIFE allows you to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen testing out new recipes, and during these times I share my recipes with you; but then sometimes LIFE only allows you to shove that 3 day old burrito from taco bell down your throat as you run out the door and later realizing in your haste you forgot underwear. Some days might find you having time to write an elaborate tale about a trip to the cool park down the street and the local bar your hubbs sings at or the awesome library reading last Tuesday; while other days the laptop not only doesn't get opened but you have no idea where it is. Hmmm? Did it get stuck in the fridge? with the key no less?

But that is the joy of motherhood, the joy of LIFE, the joy of living. I want Pink Haired Momma to share with the world the ins and outs of motherhood, from my eyes and heart. The boring, the funny, the passionate, the anguish, the laughter and the tears. I want Pink Haired Momma to provide an outlet for anyone to laugh, to learn and to enjoy. I will still be providing reviews and giveaways and I am very open to sponsors and their contributions to this effort; however I will also be providing an honest review about products and services and places that I encounter in my world just because I do. I want everyone to know and understand that I am an honest person and thus so are my blog posts and my reviews. That's just me. And that is my promise to my readers. To provide my honest opinion. I will never write up a review about anything unless I have personally used it or been to it.

Pink Haired Momma is my thoughts. My special place to share my honest opinions. My link to my wonderful cyber friends. My passions. My words. But most important Pink Haired Momma is simply ME. If you do not like it or if you find me offensive the honey I am just click away from being off your screen, move on!


  1. its sounds geat, and i love your blog, it reminds me of things I went through with my boys not that they are massively older than baby diva xxx

  2. If your not being you, and not comfortable then it is totally not worth it! Do what you do and what makes YOU happy!

  3. You know what I love about you? You tell it like it is. And you are pee-in-your-pants funny!

  4. I know, I found that out quick. Having to watch what you say or don't say. Competitive bloggers.... I just want to relax and write whatever.... I am so with you on that.

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    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

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