Sunday, April 18, 2010

Polka Dot Baby DIVA

A view of the nasty "Polka Dots" covering Baby DIVA's Feet, hands, and mouth.

I told you this last Friday that Baby DIVA was in lock down due to the yucky creepy bug known as Herpangina. Well that was in the early part of the day Friday. By 6pm, Baby DIVA broke out in this hideous rash all over her feet, then up her legs some, followed by her hands and then all around her mouth. This is happened in about a 10 minute time period.

I immediately jumped on the phone and packed my bag. I just knew the pediatrician was going to want us to whisk baby DIVA to the CDC and all hell would break loose. Then reality grabbed a hold of me and I calmly talked to the nurse and it was determined that my Baby DIVA has Hand-Foot-Mouth disease . UGH!

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease . Nice. Couldn't just be a sniffle or a ear ache, nope she has to have something weird, although common amongst the day care crowd, funky nonetheless. We began to tease Baby DIVA calling her the Polka Dot DIVA. Her mood was fabulous. Smiles and giggles with the occasional whine and cranky buttness, but overall I am really proud that she kept happy spirits.

H4L and I made sure Polka Dot DIVA was incredibly comfortable and then I went to work; Searching the net for everything I could find about this illness. Using Facebook to interrogate my friends and family about anything they may know, hitting my moms group like a crazed lady requesting reinforcements STAT. All this lunatic mom behavior paid off. Very quickly I had a list, survival guide rather, to Foot hand and Mouth, and I was off to the store to stock up:

Gentian Violet

Just to name a few goodies on my list. Armed with my arsenal of attack I returned home to find Polka Dot DIVA snoozed, for the night. WHEW!

The weekend went on without a hitch. We had bouts of cranky butt, happy smiles, giggles, moments of fire butt, because as we learned this illness also brings on the runny poo's, LOVELY! But overall Polka Dot DIVA is doing fabulous. She has basked in the constant 24 hour attention from mom and dad. Found herself at the center of the world and is so not wanting to give up her new found fame. We kept to ourselves and cancelled all of our weekend plans, dates, play sessions, parties, you name it. Although we are a loving and GIVING family, we just couldn't share this with the world. Selfish maybe! LOL


  1. Wow, you had items in your aresenal I never thought of when my twins got HF&M.

    I'm sure the rest will only help her body get over it faster.

    Sounds like your handling it like a trooper and so is baby Diva.

  2. Patience~ easier said than done. It is one of those nuisance things that many kids get.


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