Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pottery Time: Moms night out

Something wonderful happened!

I, Pink Haired Momma, left the house ALONE, left H4L in charge of Baby DIVA, whilst I went out with my gals from the HoustonAreaMommies! Oh the joy! Oh the silence...well silent except for my radio jammin' in the car on my way to meet the ladies for Moms Night out. Each month HAM offers at least one event in which the kids stay home and the moms get to go out in play. I have found it can be quite difficult to get myself out of the house, so having the support of fellow hammies demanding I take a much needed break and join them is a life saver.

This month we moms hit Ceramics By Tess . It was so much fun. I have never been to an event like this, so not only did I get a night out but I was introduced to a totally new skill: Pottery Painting! So what is this Ceramics By Tess, well besides this moms secret hideaway for a few hours? Have a look at the following taken from Ceramics by Tess's website:

Ceramics by Tess is a full service ceramic shop. We have a selection of thousands of unique ceramic pieces that we make in which you can create your own masterpiece. Personal instruction, for the beginner or experienced, is always free. At our place, there is no fee for time, no fees for returning to finish an item, and no limit on color choices. Paints, glazes, supplies, greenware, specialty classes and kiln firing services are also available.

On Thursday nights from 7pm until 11pm Ceramics By Tess opens it doors to ADULTS only. NO KIDS! FREEDOM! They offer a variety of snacks and non alcoholic beverages for purchase, but also encourage you to BYOB. Wine, paint and pottery...this could get ugly! So we moms marched right on in to our little kingdom of freedom and us HAM's kept it clean, this time, and sipped lightly as we chatted with one another while painting our respective pieces of pottery.

I was in awe of the choices Ceramics By Tess has for the individual, like myself, to choose from when deciding just what type of pottery to work with. Statues, plates, wine caddy's, ornaments. The choices are endless; and that doesn't even include the vast array of colors, painting techniques, stencils and more that can then alter the basic design of any piece of pottery you choose. Its a hands on persons mecca of creation!

I opted for a simple bank. A sweet little Tiara that I could embellish with my own love and personality and then give to my darling Baby DIVA to save her nickels for college in. I initially wanted to paint this lovely bank a pink color and detail it in black, but I am not too gifted. I ultimately went and got a fatter brush and covered the entire thing in black paint and then touched the tiny details with pink. But no one really has to know that right? I will just pretend that was my initial plan all along. Don't tell anyone, okay?

Once completed I signed my name and date to the bottom of my piece and went to the desk and paid for my art. Less than $20 for a night out with the gals, a cool little gift for my Baby DIVA and some uninterrupted peace and quiet! You can not beat that. 7 days later you can return to Ceramics By Tess and pick up your fabulous Black Tiara or rather whatever piece you have made, glistening with hints of pink after it has been cooked to its pristine shine. All in all a fabulous night out for me!

**I have been unable to go and pick up my fabulous piece due to Baby DIVA's foot, hand and mouth outbreak! Sorry no picture to accompany this post**

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