Friday, April 2, 2010

Houston Area Mommies hit the Zoo

This past weekend on a gorgeous Sunday morning, H4L, Baby DIVA and myself loaded up into the Fammobile, and headed off for a fun filled day at the Houston Zoo with many of the fabulous Houston Area Mommies and their splendid kiddos.


We arrived at a few minutes before 10 am to find the parking lot beginning to fill up rather quickly. Lucky for us we snagged a great spot and began to "unpack" the car for our day long journey. Now at this point I made a GIANT mommy mistake. My Pink Haired silly self did not check the zoo website in reference to coolers being brought into the facility. If I had taken that extra moment to verify the information, the yummy ham and cheese quiche, spinach salad and drinks would have joined us on this unpacking adventure and would have been consumed for lunch at the zoo, instead of dinner at home! Oops. Note to anyone heading to the Houston Zoo , YOU CAN BRING YOUR COOLER INSIDE THE FACILITY.


The Reflecting Pool just inside the zoo entrance. Amazing!

Moving on past the one and only mistake I made. We made our way to the Zoo entrance and with no trouble found our fellow Houston Area Mommies , went right through the ticket purchase process and VOILA, we were in. First up, several moms rented the available wagon/strollers the zoo offers. We all know even the toughest tots will need a lift at some point during a long outdoor day! We, the Houston Area Mommies , loaded up and headed off, first of course posing for a group photo!


We were in luck on this particular day because Shanti, one of the Asian Elephants at the Houston Zoo was having her BABY SHOWER. Yep, that right! We were fortunate enough to be "invited" to such an important event. We even had the honor of seeing Shanti's baby kick her. I cant not even begin to imagine what that must feel like. AHHHHH! The "baby shower" was awesome. Lots of fun activities for the kids like a giant card for Shanti for everyone to sign, a table for gifts, and several craft stations. The kids loved it!

WE signed the card for Shanti!
Goofing off with Daddy!

The rest of the time we roamed around looking at all the various animals, soaking in the spring sun and air and chatting with all the other Houston Area Mommies members and kids. Goofing off and enjoying our fabulous day at the zoo. Although we were unable to ride the train around Hermann Park, where the Zoo is located, or take a ride in a paddle boat in the lake by the zoo due to the snoozed Baby DIVA, we have made plans to return this spring and do just such.


I really love that not only do you get to see fabulous animals at the zoo, but every exhibit offers an interactive learning exercise too!

The Zoo is a marvelous place for a family outing. Its is rather inexpensive to enter, you can bring your own food, there is tons of walking and looking which is fabulously stimulating for kids and adults alike. And there is even a kids area, again we did not spend much time at as Baby DIVA was snoozed in her stroller. Fresh air does it every time!

Would you like more information about how to join the Houston Area Mommies? Follow the link and sign up, Tell them Pink Haired Momma sent you. We would love for you to come join us and experience all the fun and support moms and kids need!


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a fab-eau time!. I can't believe you happened upon the elephant baby shower! I know how much planning went into it...

    I live right on the other side of Hermann Park, so I know you'll have a great time going back to check out the train and the paddle boats at the lake. Hope while you're there you'll come back to see Shanti's new baby!

    I love the zoo so much myself I became a volunteer there. I'm a docent now but am also a blogger myself... and I blog for the HZ website too.

    PS: I have ALWAYS wanted to have pink hair!!!!!

  2. I had a great time I only wish I didn't have to rush home that day!


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