Friday, April 2, 2010

Scissor hand-mom

Right after the birth of Baby DIVA, I went to cutting on my nails. I was so afraid I was going to hurt this precious angel. I was terrified that my nice long nails would snag on her perfect skin and I just knew the horror I would feel if I caused any harm to this wonderful creature. So I chopped and I chopped. I think back now and remember just how sore my fingers were because I chopped WAY too much. Beginner mom idiot move. You live and you learn, right?

Fast forward to present day. My nails are back. Baby DIVA has been toddling about for some time and her perfect skin has received quite a few bumps and bruises of her own making. But I still felt a touch of that horror this week when I snagged a nail and before I could file it down I cut my child's face by accident.


I felt like the most demonic Pink Haired Scissor hand mom on the face of planet. Many screams from precious Baby DIVA erupted, that were quickly hushed by my hugs and kisses. And now right in time for Easter pictures, I, the greatest mom on earth, have left my mark on my daughter that I have feared since day one; and now the memories will be preserved in pictures forever! Fabulous!

Have you had a similar happening? Please share with me so I don't feel like such an Ass!!


  1. Ooops! The Wyatt ha a big scratch on his cheek fro their Easter pics last week- they photoshopped it out. Now all the pics have him with one pink cheek and one weird white cheek. I think I'd have been happier with two pink cheeks and a scratch! If i had known they were going to touch everything up I'd have told them to leave the bumps and bruises and scratches in.

  2. I can't even count how many times I have done this, lol.

  3. I think I scratch Abby with my engagement ring at least twice a month... and I have scratched her with my nails so badly while catching her slipping in the tub that she had a welt on her arm for three days. It happens, mama. She'll be just fine. :)

  4. Oh yes. Been there. Not with my own nails, but with those wicked gel nails that I so adore. Don't stress!

  5. I have clipped both my sons' fingers to bleeding with the baby nail clippers (The baby, i did in his FIRST 24 HOURS OF LIFE, while still in the hospital!!! he was born with long nails, i was trying to help...*shudder*)

    One freaky thing i did to my first son. When he was a baby, i had really long hair and he loved to tangle his little fingers in it, when he nursed, when i changed him, when we read, whenever. All the time. Well, one day, I was changing his diaper and he tangled his fingers in my hair and it was pulling so i YANKED my head back and MY HAIR CUT HIS FINGERS! It was like big paper cuts caused by my hair.

    I was soooo mortified that I had hurt my tiny little baby. I felt so terrible and still do just thinking about it.

    shortly thereafter i cut my hair in layers to my shoulders and it's been that way for the last almost 5 years!

  6. poor thing! been there, done that!! and its ALWAYS just in time for pictures!!

  7. Oh I think we have all done that and more...don't worry your not the meanest momma ;)

  8. My nail just caught my son's cheek and it looks more like a wound than a scratch!!! I have very short nails too! I hope it doesn't scar him for life! :( I feel terrible!!!


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