Friday, April 16, 2010

Lock down! We have Herpangina!

Baby DIVA is prone to fevers. Throughout her lengthy 16 almost 17 months of life she was spiked many fevers, in the middle of the night always, which resulted in this Pink Haired Momma parked at the peds office first thing the next morning. Only to discover there was nothing wrong with Baby DIVA, her temp had returned to normal and she made mom out to be a huge worry wort first time mom idiot, time and again.

So this Wednesday night, oh about 245am Baby DIVA screeched and the house awoke abruptly. A touch of her head revealed fever. The thermometer only proved my suspicion. A dose of Tylenol and playtime in the living room resulted in a slightly later than normal morning wake up Thursday morning. I assumed the fever would disappear as usual and we would continue on our lives.

No such luck. Mr. Fever hung out on and off throughout the day. Whines came and went. Friday morning brought us more fevers, so off we went to see the pediatrician. Of course Baby DIVA was full of life, smiles, and giggles, no signs what-so-ever of being sick while we were at the peds office, except for a red throat, a bit of ear pressure and some sores in her mouth.

Hmmm. Weirdness to me. The pedi Dr. poked and prodded a bit. Laughed with Baby DIVA asked a few probing questions of me and then decided to run a couple of tests, strep test, as she said among others. A quick Q-tip to the throat, one pissed off Baby DIVA and 10 minutes later Dr comes back in to share with us the fate of Baby DIVA's red throat.

Dr.: "Strep is negative, but it appears to be her vagina"
ME: "Excuse me Her Vagina what"?????? We stuck a Q tip in her mouth, atop her body, not below!!!
Dr.: "No sorry hun, HERPANGINA"
ME: "What the heck is that?"

The lovely pediatrician passed me a handout she had printed out explaining this ailment my daughter so graciously contained.

"Herpangina is a viral infection of the back of the mouth. The main symptoms include sore throat and pain swallowing, fever for 2-7 days, small ulcers surrounded by a red ring on the roof of the mouth and near the tonsils. And is very contagious."

Poor Baby DIVA. Fevers. Soreness. Blisters. My poor poor baby!
So we are on lockdown. All playdates, events and parties to be cancelled for the next few days. Baby DIVA must suffer though her virus with doses of mommy and daddy love, Tylenol and lots of center of the world attention. I am betting she doesn't mind too much!


  1. Awww poor thing....Give her hugs from Aunt Twin!!


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