Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snot, Fevers and a trip to the ER

Sick Baby and H4L

Baby DIVA has not been feeling well at all. We initially had that Hand, Foot and Mouth crap that knocked us down for a few days, resulting is us missing a fun filled weekend of parties, playdates and more, oh my!. Then she felt better for like 5 minutes only to be shut down with a fever last Wednesday, low grade but a fever no less. Low fever evolved into a 102 fever and some nasty green boogs joined in on the party. These boogers made Baby DIVA miss another fabulous party and the send off party to her cousin who is in the National Guard. BOO!!

These Green boogs are quite persistent, despite their eviction notice, and have been so mean to my darling Baby DIVA. The weekend was rough with fevers never getting below 102 despite Tylenol, Motrin, baths, fluids, everything under the sun that everyone on FB, my moms group, my 12th cousin 17 times removed by marriage to my 55th second cousin suggested. Sunday night fevers were tinkering on the 104 area. Pediatrician was disturbed. Spent Sunday night giving my child a need for therapy in the future: Poking a probe in her butt every few hours to steal her temperature, while she was trying to sleep.

Toe poke to check CBC

Monday morning first thing wee whipped on into the peds office. Dr. K was not in so we saw one of her colleagues. A lovely lady who makes the cool little bird sound when peering into the black holes of Baby DIVA's ears. ( I recall this from my childhood, and so I find it pleasing that some dr's still do this). Ears clear. Throat Clear. Tummy Clear. Lungs clear. CBC clear. Snot present. Fever present. Dr says we have a virus. Give her fluids. Give her Tylenol. Give her Motrin. Give her baths and keep her well hydrated. Call back if new symptoms come up or if her temp reaches 105. And off we are sent, to isolation of Pink Haired Momma house.

Waiting at the peds

Now if you recall we are working on two weeks now of isolation in Pink Haired Momma land. HF&M, and now a second something. Baby DIVA is about ready to go insane with all this momma time. Or is it Pink Haired Momma is going to go insane? Oh who cares!!

Back to Monday...4:30pm rolls around and Baby DIVA is especially hot, cranky and miserable. Tylenol and Motrin are not doing anything to ease the pain. A probe up the butt reveal 105!! Bags are packed and we are off the the ER.

We arrive at the ER, it is packed as anticipated. I am armed with juice, snacks, toys both for Baby DIVA and H4L. Baby DIVA is on fire. Triage is a joke. The nurses made us feel like the most incompetent parents or rather humans on the face of the planet. Anything we told them we had done, they said was wrong. Anything we said our peds told us to do they said was wrong. They gave her a double dose of Tylenol (which I don't really like) and told us to go park it in the waiting room for an hour, they would re take her temp then and decide if there was anything they could do for us, oh and the wait after that would be about 6 hours. By the way temp at this point is 105.

The double dose did seem to help. Baby DIVA became alert and started to want to play some. Well the green boogs and i guess the excitement of having a break from intense fever caused her to barf all over the waiting room floor. H4L went to tell the nurse. 1 so they would know a 17 month old with a 105 fever is barfing and 2 so we could get some help in cleaning up bodily fluids off the waiting room floor. Over 30 minutes later H4L is still standing over the barf, waiting patiently for cleanup. 4 people were notified. I took baby DIVA back in for her temp check and it was 99.9. Nurse said there was nothing more they could do for us. I had a few choice words and loaded my family up to go home, leaving the barf to fend for itself.

Double dose may have worked but as soon as 4 hours past Baby DIVA's fever is right back up. Today she is getting some slight relief in between Motrin doses. She gets about 2 hours of temps low enough that she can smile and play the nits sleep and high fevers again. Not hitting 105 today either, thank goodness.

I have no idea what is going on with Baby DIVA. I am so frustrated that everyone keeps telling me it is a virus and we have to ride it out. That is fine for a couple of days but we have had fever of 102 or higher for 7 days!! That's way too long if you ask me! And going to the ER is just a crock! UGH!

Please keep my Baby DIVA in your thoughts! This fever needs to obey its eviction order!!


  1. I feel so sorry for Baby Diva(and for you and H4L)! I wish someone could give you the answers to what will make her feel better. I'm praying that whatever it is will pass soon!

  2. omg.. girly.... That Er has me pissed off... Ill be praying for you and baby Girl,,,She Will be ok But I know Its a tough road

  3. I've been told that switching between Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours can help. I don't know if you've done this.

    Regardless, that is too long for her to be sick. Keep calling the doctors until they are sick of you. They'll do whatever needs done for you to leave them alone (hopefully). I hope she gets better soon.

  4. Oh, honey, I am so sorry Baby Diva is so sick :( Poor everyone in your house! A few weeks ago the girls were sick for a week each with some stupid virus of fevers over 103. Lovely.

    I hate not knowing what's wrong. And even more than that I hate medical professionals that treat parents like sh!t. That's ridiculous and would have pissed me off to no end.

    Praying she feels better soon :( Madelyn is sick again, too. *sigh* Isn't it with spring and summer we are all supposed to be healthy?!

    xoxo & get well soon vibes

  5. I hope she feels better soon, Miss Diva i Training misses her bestie!

    If I were in your situation and felt that no one was helping i would think about getting a second oppinion. Maybe a differnt peds can take a look and give you a fresh perspective.

    Hope you guys get to feeling better soon!

  6. Aw. I'm sorry to hear your little one isn't feeling good. We recently just went through the green boogies as well. I hate seeing her sick.

    I hope she's on the mend now and feeling better in no time.

  7. Thank you guys for your kind words. We had two whole hours last night without a fever, then it came back full force at 103. But i think this may be the beginning of the end!

  8. Oh, that just sounds miserable. Poor little baby. I hope she's better soon whatever it is. We've had lots of viruses in this house this spring too. But none us were that sick.

  9. I actually had this with both my babies (now keep in mind I am not a Dr., but two babies, same thing....) Look up Roseola. Pretty common for kiddo's to get, and in a few days you may end up seeing a crazy rash all over her body (one of my kid's got the rash, the other didn't, but the fever was just POOOF gone)Here is one link http://www.medicinenet.com/roseola/article.htm
    Also, I know it sucks sucks sucks, but my children's hospital has always told me that under 102, try not to give meds. The fever is actually good to help fight off infection. Also switch off between ibu and tyl so that she is getting something about every two hours when the fever is high. My son's was the longest at seven days, daughter was five. Hopefully that is all it is.


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