Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The SPROUT changed our lives

Do you find that your child's hair looks like this?

Do you find that you have a kiddo with runaway hairs?

Well I do, FOR SURE. I have been a totally bad parent and covered my kids hair in RAVE hairspray and it still did not control the fly aways. Baby DIVA's hair always made her look like a ragamuffin. I called in reinforcements, my mother. She helped me find a product that would be safe to put on Baby DIVA's head but would also be strong enough to control the wild hairs.

The product, Original Sprout Gel, arrived at my door all wrapped up from amazon.com. I immediately gathered Baby DIVA, her hair thingy's, a comb and the gel and went to work. I was incredibly happy with the texture of the gel. It did not leave a residue on my hands, or on the tresses of my daughter. However it did seem to have a significantly strong hold. I was able to gather all those fine runaway strands and pull them together to form not only 1 pebbles pony on top of her head, but on the very next day, using the gel of course, PIG TAILS commenced in the house of Pink!

Sporting the Pebbles look!

Pig Tail'n it with Cousin Jaz!

Original Sprout Gel is fabulous. The company offers and entire Children's line of products that are organic, control wild hair, and safe for EVERYONE. The products are soy free, gluten free, 100% vegan, not tested on animals, have no disgusting over kill smells, leave no residue on the hair or scalp and get the job done. It really is a great product. I was quite hesitant to put anything in Baby DIVA's hair, well besides that horrid RAVE hairspray that I was using. Upon finding this I am SOLD, I am even checking into the adult line of products for my own Pink Haired self!
**I am not affiliated with the Original Sprout company. They did not provide me with products, monetary compensation or the like for this review of products. I paid for the product out of my own pocket after during careful research and decided this was a good product to try. Apparently my research paid off**


  1. Must get this. My daughter has really fine hair and lately it looks like she's got a mullet because its growing so much in the back. Thanks for the rec!

  2. That is one cute baby you have there. We used to call that "scared baby" hair. Unfortunately, in the time before gel our boys sported that look everyday.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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