Friday, April 30, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow

Do you use Pampers? Did you know about this Pampers Gifts to Grow program they have going? Well is sure didn't until about 6 weeks ago. Where the heck have I been???

Inside pampers products, like diapers packages and wipe boxes, (UGH I can not even imagine how many of these I have non chalantly tossed in the trash), there is a little 15 digit number that you can collect and then enter into the Pampers to Grow website. After you accumulate several of these fabulous little digits, you will find your points are racing up in number. You then scoot on over to the Gift to Grow rewards store and POOF you get free stuff.

Seriously?!? You know how I love free stuff and cheap deals, so when I learned of this (late in the game I know, BAD MOMMA) I simply had to give it a try. 6 weeks later and I am hooked. Don't think you wont see me stalking the trash cans down the street hunting for unsuspecting parents who did not cash in their own Pampers 15 digit codes! Okay so maybe not really, but it is something I already must buy so why not spend a few minutes and get some free goodies out of it!

Don't live in the dark like me! Go check it out! Pampers Gifts to Grow


  1. Oh, I hear ya on that one! Don't even get me started on all the Diet Coke caps that I've tossed!

  2. I discovered them AFTER I tossed box after box of Pampers away after my daughter was born. I probably threw away close to 400 points. Poo.

  3. Gifts to grow is alright. I've been doing it for almost 5 years now and started saving then. I've redeemed the odd thing here and there but nothing to special. Now unless the US gifts to grow is different than ours up here in Canada, there is barely and rarely anything good to redeem. There was something good a couple years ago and by the time i saved enough points it was long gone and it's only recently that they've brought out good stuff again. and once again i had enough points exactly the day after what i was looking for was gone!! and of course they don't restock. So for me I'm not to impressed with the whole she-bang.

    tadisa (tammy)


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