Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time out for Mom

Time out for Theta Mom Thursday is upon us! Hallelujah! If you are familiar with what is going on then you better share your time out moment pronto!! If you are not familiar with what is going on then i suggest you hurry your little tush on over to theta moms and get in on the madness. The madness of moms having 1 hour of alone time a month! Oh my gosh! *Gasp* Moms need down time too!

This month, despite Baby DIVA having Fevers , Hand, Foot and Mouth and a cranky attitude, I was able to slip out and have a Moms Night Out with my fabulous friends from HAM . We attended an Adults only session of pottery making at Ceramics by Tess, and it was a divine night out! Full of fun, laughter and NO KIDS!!!

I also have put into practice taking 20- 30 minutes to myself 4 days a week. This time is usually found while Baby DIVA naps, however it is still "alone" time. I utilize this time to improve my physical and mental body. I participate in yoga, belly dancing, stretching, and/or reading my my current book for a full 1/2 hour. The reality that my body is not a perfectly limber piece of elastic that can bend and mold and twist exactly like it could when I was 20 is not my favorite part of the day. Attempting a yoga pose and finding a post baby boob or belly roll in the way that inhibits full movement is always good for a heavy laugh though, and helps me stay motivated.

This "time out" is not only a gift to myself but a gift to Baby DIVA. By forcing myself to implement and exercise regimen for the mind and body, I am setting the stage for Baby DIVA to experience, learn and develop her own standards and goals in the fitness of the mind and body from early on. I am contributing to her well being by aiming to make my person healthier, and that my friends is the greatest motivation ever.

So that is it! My Theta Mom time outs for the month of April. Simple. Fun. Energizing. Wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything more than time with friends and family!


  1. haha - i get so frustrated sometimes w/ my yoga & pilates - after 3 kids, my body just doesn't move like it used to....

  2. Everytime I read your time ous reminds me that I need some kind of workout routine again!

    And I know you are bummed about the meme coming to a close, but I still encourage all of you to take that hour for yourself!!!



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