Friday, May 14, 2010

Farming in the Burbs

We have our own farmville, right here in the Burbs of Houston, no computer or facebook required! Please send me nothing, I got it going all by myself!

Remember how Baby DIVA and I tried to hurry Spring along this year after suffering through multiple snows here in Texas, something we are not used to all, by planting our garden? We spruced up the back yard with colored pots, flowers, and little baby seedlings of delish foods we hope to munch on over the summer? If you do not then click HERE and HERE to refresh yourselves. Go ahead. I will wait...

So I have totally awesome news. Farming in the Burbs is totally paying off. WE GOT EDIBLES!! This last week Baby DIVA spotted some beautiful flowers unfolding from our farm in the burbs. Every day since, we have gone out to check on these lovely little babies, watering them, talking ot them, making sure they are happy,Yep we CRAZY. But then today, magic happened! We found the beginnings of a baby squash, growing right there in our suburban garden! FARMVILLE meets SUBURBIA! Hot diggity dog!


And then we discovered some bell peppers poppin out! Look MOM TWINS!!



Now I am totally stoked over this fantabulous accomplishment, but I won't lead you to believe I am 100% perfect at the Burb farmin thing, just 99%. You see I also have some little critter munchin my lettuce way before I get a chance. I guess that could be interrupted to mean that I grow super yummy stuff, right? At least that is what I am telling myself and anyone who feels like listening to me. Nonetheless, thanks to a simple swagbucks search, I came up with a cure all for this little critter and have it under control! I will be sure to share this concoction and story in the future!

Oh and one last note. A peculiar thing happened in the garden. It seems the cucumber has grown rather fond of the asparagus and has grown on over and wrrapped its little tentacles around it. Hmmm possibly a Cusparagus in the making?



  1. I love putting my garden in every year. Never tried peppers before,maybe this will be the year. I'm a long way from Texas..Loooonnngggg way but we are seeding our garden next weekend which is the usual.

    By the the diva pics in the laundry basket...why do we buy toys?

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  3. hahaha this is fab, I love growing my own, I haven't tried asparagus though let me know how that goes, but well done you, what else are you growing or is that it for now? I want to grow my own Pumpkins!!!!!!!!


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