Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fire butt

Fire butt is how it is known in our house. What is Fire Butt? Well it is when poor Baby DIVA has an incredible diaper rash that is so intense it causes her to scream out in pain and the forces momma and daddy into guilt mode because we can not "fix" it. We have discussed the issue numerous times with our pediatrician. Baby Diva has had a multitude of creams slathered on her ass, powder dusted on her tush and nothing. Fire Butt still prevailed. We removed apple juice, orange juice, and the like from her diet as the doctor said the acid in these juices may be bringing about an excreted substance in her stool and urine that causes her little butt to flare up like a tomato in the summer sun.

Nothing worked. We just became accustomed to a quick reaction plan whenever we noticed the redness coming on or we heard the firs butt yelps. And that is how we we live.

Recently I have taken notice to an issue that is quickly arising in the mommy news world. Pampers, our brand of choice, has been receiving some unbecoming attention in regards to their new Dry Max diapers. Many children are turning up left and right with diaper rashes that resemble a chemical like burn on their tushes.

Hmmmm...could Baby DIVA be amongst all the children suffering from this issue? I sure hope not, however if the diaper is the cause of this incurable rash, and all we have to do is switch brands and VOILA fire butt is gone?!? then Hallelujah! I can deal with some leakage of pee here and there common with other brands, if it keeps my daughters butt sparkling clean and white instead of fire engine red!

Although I do not think this is the ultimate source of our Fire Butt problem, I am not about to overlook something that possibly could resolve our problems with great ease. The next few weeks will offer us some trials and tribulations. We are going to try a different brand of diapers as well as have another deep discussion on the matter with our doctor. In the mean time please feel free to share with me your own experiences with Pampers. Have you had any trouble? And success stories? Any input at all? Pampers has been in contact with the public and has released this statement: Pampers Statement. I am not among the evil Pampers haters, I just wanted to share this information in case others too may have Fire Butt with unknown cause and might be able to solve their problem too.

More to come as our experiment continues...


  1. fire butt - to solve - if u can get it over there there's a yellow cream called motillium we call it magic cream here because my boys also suffered badly at times with nappy rash and that was the only thing to cool and clear it.

  2. I know it's a little late in the game but have you considered cloth diapering? My girl's behind could NOT stand any sort of disposable so it was our only choice. She did well from there on out. If any sort of rash did try to make an appearance a good slathering of Lansinoh did the trick. Also good was a specially prepared ointment by a friend of mine, but she doesn't sell it commercially. I know it contained aloe, vitamin E, unpetroleum jelly, yarrow, chamomile and calendula though.

    good luck hon

  3. I thought I would offer a somewhat rare tip on helping a diaper rash. My mom SWEARS by this and on the occassion that I have done it it has done wonders. When you notice the redness coming on have Baby Diva lay on a towel after a bath and use the hair dryer on her little bum. Obviously, moving it constantly as not to keep the heat in one area too long. Do this for a few days and it usually helps tremendously...I know sounds odd but if it is that bad it's worth a try from a reader, right?!?!? GL!!!!

  4. So my LO never had a diapey rash problem and the new Pampers caused disasters. We were always a swaddlers/then cruisers family. Pampers sent us over $56 in coupons to compensate us and told us to throw the Dry Max diapers away after we sent a few to them. I purchased the regular Baby dry diapers with the coupons. These have done the trick. We also immediatelt had gone out and bought the Huggies comaprison to the Cruisers the night of the "Fire Butt" (to use your term). As soon as we got a different diaper on, it started to get better.

    Just my info and I am totally a Pampers person, so I don't want to be included in the Pampers haters group. We also use the Pampers wipes and have since birth.

  5. WOW!! Thank you so much for the tips and tricks! Pixie, analog moon and Erin great ideas! I will defiantely test these out. And Pixie if i cant find the product here i nthe states mabe that means we need a vacay over the pond! You wanna host us? hehehehe just kidding! Analog Moon I am real close to cloth diapering but just cant quite go there yet. Maybe baby 2 :)

    Misty thank you for your input. I love pampers and i know sometimes a company has issues with a product and some consumers have issues while others do not. I will definately look at other styles of pampers and not give up on them as they are my favs too!!

  6. oh Pink haired, I feel terribly for you guys and your little one too but you DO know how to make a bad situation seem... well, fun. It's just that you write well, and of course have a key ingredient for making it through as a parent: humor.

    I would also think that going to cloth diapers would for sure cure it along with the creams, but I know that's a lot of work (or $$ if you have a pro cleaning service to pick them up and deliver clean ones). Sounds like you've found some good things to try from the other commenters. Isn't blogland fabulous?

  7. My girls (even out of diapers) have had problems with juices, certain fruits and some foods like tomato sauce giving them a "diaper rash" I just have to limit how often they eat/drink stuff. When they do get a rash I use Neosporin and then put corn starch on it also. It usually helps pretty fast. Hope you get it situated :-)

  8. We use the Target Brand Diapers and never have any issues. I love them so much. I can get a box that last us 2 weeks just just $13! And i LOVE the target brand wipes too! We never have diaper rashes!! If you are thinking about trying a different diaper keep them in mind, they are super affordable and the only non name brand diaper that i trust. Oh and they don't leak! GOOD LUCK!

  9. I'm so sorry you are going through that - awful! One of my friends is having issues with her son too.

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