Saturday, February 20, 2010

Color Yard

I am so tired of winter. I am bored with all the Gray skies and cold temperatures. I am so tired of being cooped up inside. Baby DIVA is going stir crazy too. Doesn't mother nature understand that toddlers need to RUN outside and breathe in the fresh air? Tissue paper gardens and fake construction paper suns just ain't cutting it anymore!!!

We finally had a day of sunshine this last week. And on top of Mr. Sun coming out to visit, mother nature also gave us temps in the upper 60's. Baby DIVA and I awoke and dressed and sat at the back door waiting for the sun to warm the back yard just enough that we could venture out into the wonderful world of our backyard. Armed with cans of spray paint, I was determined to add "color" into our world, just in case Mr. Sun decided to return to his winter vacation home.

We simply sprayed a few plain clay pots with all different colors of spray paint. Nothing fancy. Just simple color added to whatever we had laying around the house. Baby DIVA really enjoys pinwheels, so until spring has made itself known, these are all that will live in our pots. It adds a bit of whimsical color to the yard. Not to mention is was just utterly fabulous to be outside soaking up the sun all day!

The pretty colorful corner of our yard that is begging Spring to please come soon!!


  1. What a great idea - simple, easy, cheap, and really uplifting. Pinwheels are about all that live in my pots as I do not have agreen thumb no matter the weather.

  2. You did a great job! I love the pink lawn chairs. I hope spring comes soon, winter is so boring.

  3. I LOVE it! So bright, fun, and lovely. You did a fantastic job.... ok come over and help me with my backyard will ya! huh! huh! LOL

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! Love it!!!
    That is absolutely brilliant ;)

    Thanks for sharing...

  5. I'm ready for Spring too. Such a colorful yard. Love it. :0)


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