Friday, February 26, 2010

Ebeantalk and The Spiral Spin Top

Ebeanstalk is a toy website dedicated to selecting the best toys by age and kids toys. The in-home feedback of bloggers and moms like me around the country help to make sure ebeanstalk continues to provide the best educational toys for your child. Check it out for yourself!

Just the other day, a package arrived for myself and Baby DIVA from Ebeanstalk. We always get excited when this happens, as we usually find something fabulous inside. And this time was no different. I opened the shipping package to reveal a fun and entertaining toy that I have actually been considering purchasing for Baby DIVA in recent weeks.


The Spiral Spin Top. I handed it on over to Baby DIVA and was greeted with a huge smile. She took a few minutes to look the toy over, smell eat, make sure it wasn't a giant cookie for her to snack on, licked it a few times, talked to it, and the nit happened. She discovered that by pushing the lever on the top, all the balls inside begin to dance around and make a really cool loud noise. She was hooked, and I reached for the Tylenol. It really is a fun toy. The balls are multi colored so on top of it being a cool and inviting toy to entertain my Baby DIVA's mind, it also provides a great way for us to have impromptu colors and counting lessons. How about that for coolness?


I would like to thank Ebeanstalk for yet again providing us with a really great and entertaining toy to review. I highly recommend both ebeanstalk and the Spiral Spin Top to all my readers with children who are 6 months and older and are looking for some good loud engaging fun!

As always the comments in this post are of my own opinion. I was not paid by any monetary means to write this review. I simply received an item from a sponsor and have given my honest opinion for other parents out there to read, learn, and grow from.


  1. Thanks for following along yesterday. I love this tip for a new site. Thanks..

    Have a great weekend. Go Pink..

  2. We have something just like that! I am going to have to look that site up! Thank you for your comment and opening up about your autommune are a strong woman!

  3. I love that you call your daughter "Baby Diva"- that is divine :-) And thanks for stopping by my place as now I have found you! Cheers!!

  4. I have something for you on my blog..


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