Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unleash the Pink #3

So how are you doing? Are you working with your collage board and making small changes in the vice areas of your life? I sure hope so. Now that we have laid the ground work to unleashing the pink in all of us, we can get to the fun, wild and wacky unleashing!!!

This last week I brought to the forefront my need to reintroduce exercise into my daily life. No, I am not a marathon runner one week later, but I did plan and execute an idea that allows movement to enter my world. Every morning Baby DIVA and I have a "Morning Shake-up". I turn on an 80's CD and we dance around. Obviously this is a new event in our morning routine, and is was met with a little resistance. However, both Baby DIVA and myself quickly found this to be loads of fun and look forward to it each morning.

Unleash the Pink
Week 3:

I I stated above, now that we have covered all the important aspects of our self, we can finally get to the heart of Unleashing the Pink: The hidden dare devil, Sexy, Fun-loving chick inside of us! This week I PINKY DARE you to Sparkle this week. Pull out your make up bag and find that fun glittery eyeshadow, body glitter or lipstick you have stashed away. Quit waiting for that "special" time to wear it. NOW is that special time. Roll on the body glitter and then head to work knowing that your a Sexy, fun chick underneath your suit, glittering in the sunshine. Paint your eyelids with glimmer and batt shamelessly at the teenage sacker at the market. You will make his day as well as make yourself smile. Have a quiet dinner at home with your husband and come to dinner wearing that Spicy Red glitter lipstick you have had tucked away for vacation.

If you are ready, you may also either purchase of make your own Glittering Tiara. Wear your tiara out to run errands. People may stop and look at you, and that is wonderful. Let them take notice of this fearless, Sexy, Fun loving, SPARKLING woman!

Open up a little. Do not be afraid to be bold in your every day life. You do not have to wait for a special party or event to bring out the fun and wild chick inside of you. Allow her to be a part of your everyday happenings. Imagine the possibilities!


Baby DIVA has no problem displaying her SPARKLE!!


  1. Body glitter, now that sounds fun. I don't have any. Hmmm...I wonder if my teen daughter does - she is the Diva in the house.

  2. Oh no, I am going to sparkle all over this town and they better watch it because they are going to be blinded by me... yes me.... ya you heard me... watch out bwood the rican is loud and proud....


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