Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unleash the Pink #2

So how did you do with your first week of Unleashing the Pink go? Did you complete your collage board? Have you been working on your qualities? Did you accept my PINKY DARE!!!? Did you learn anything about yourself that you didn't know? Please share your stories and accomplishments with me. Feel free to link back; the more the better, and it keeps you accountable! And girl, if you slipped, it's okay, share that too! We will make a martini and put a boa around your neck and get you back on track!

I do not expect that you will have designed and constructed your board and now house all the fine qualities you are striving for. Nope, not at all. I do think by spending this last week focusing on these qualities you have sparked a fire in yourself. You will be able to utilize this board from here on out as you grow as a person, an individual, a Sexy, fun-loving woman!

I would like to report that I had a productive week 1. I made my collage board and really focused on putting the qualities into my everyday life. I spent a lot of time planning and organizing my board. I thought about each quality and how I want in represented. Once my qualities were chosen I went to work constructing the collage to represent ME and what I want to gain from this experience.
*At the time of this writing blogger is not being cooperative in embedding a picture of my collage into this post. As soon as the problem resolves I will edit this post and add my collage picture in! Goodness Technical difficulties!!

However, I will mention the qualities I have pictorial represented on my board, since pictures are not possible right now!
I am going to focus on patience in all areas of my life, moving toward a healthy lifestyle: both physically and emotionally, learning new skills: crafts, cooking, mommahood, and I am going to work on intimacy, with myself and my H4L.

Oh and my frivolous daring adventure this week...I made a commitment to myself and kept it! I PINKY DARED myself to get up, get dressed, fix my hair and do my make-up every single day this week; even if all I had planned was toilet cleaning and Baby DIVA playin'! I am happy to report I conquered dare 1! How about you?

Well lets get to it...

Week 2:

We now have our collage board and can begin to focus on different qualities we want to improve in our life. This is a wonderful step to improving the emotional side of our Sexy, fun loving self. Now we also need to implement some techniques to help with the physical side of our Sexy, fun loving self. We all know that mommyhood can definitely draw out the "ugly" side of our appearance; sweat pants covered in spit up, no make-up, no time to brush the teeth, you know the facts. Our collage board coupled with steps to improve our physical image of ourselves will enable the Sexy, Fun loving chick in all of us to begin to grow and mature and be strong enough to Unleash the Pink!

What are your physical vices? Do you eat like a crazed teenage with a supersonic metabolism, only your metabolism is not so super sonic? Do you hunt down the closest parking spot to maximize your ability to get no exercise? Are your drawers and cabinets so cluttered you need a hard hat each time you open them? Well these types of physical means, whether on our person or in our physical space, can contribute to the demise of our Sexy, Fun Loving self. Unhappiness in our physical appearance is a huge culprit in making us lack confidence, but unhappiness in our physical surroundings can yank us down too. Don't overlook this little bully. So we need to whip it in to gear. We all know this is not an overnight fix, well at least I hope we all know this. Nope instead we are going to slowly start making changes to our physical vices and couple that with our already in place use of our collage board for our emotional self. The emotional and physical changes that result from these exercises help us to lay a solid foundation for out Sexy, Fun Loving self to emerge, with Hot Pink Hair!!!

This week take your vice and make a change. If you normal live on a diet on Coney dogs with extra cheese, then switch to turkey dogs and half your usual cheese mound. If you are a parking lot stalker looking for the closest spot to the door to avoid walking, this week park about halfway out in the parking lot at least once, and walk into the store. Just a little step. Don't expect this week to go and change your diet so much that you only must survive on tofu. No No No! That will not help bring our Sexy Fun loving self back. Think about why you only eat coney dogs drenched in mounds of cheese; think about why it is you want to bring your Sexy, Fun Loving self back. Then have a look at that coney dog and figure out a comfortable change. You might be surprised that after evaluating the why and what of your vice, the change should come naturally.

Whatever physical vice you have in your life that is a roadblock for you and your Sexy, Fun loving self, I want you to focus on it this week. Devise a plan of attack and make a change. Even if it is to only clean out 1 cabinet or 1 drawer, or to only walk to the mailbox one time instead of driving, make one change and see how good it feels to be beginning to bring out the burlesque woman hidden inside you!

Frivolous PINKY DARE of the week: make your own glamour dust (glitter, chocolate sprinkles, a water bottle full of refreshing smelling water). Sprinkle it in your hair everyday. If you are bold enough, sprinkle it in the hair of those you encounter this week and bid them to have more fun in their life.

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