Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 Things I have learned

List 10 things I have learned in my 14 months of mommahood...

1. Sometimes you are just too dang tired to bathe, and you go to bed without even batting an eye about it.
2. Breaking out in song and dance in any location really does happen in real life, when you have a screaming toddler.
3. Red Stop Lights become your friend, they are great pacifier and sippy cup finder moments.
4. Being a mom bonds you with strangers in grocery stores, elevators, crosswalks, without provoking.
5. There are no sick days.
6. Don't let your new walking child walk around wet on tile.
7. It is okay to run around diaperless, everyone does it.
8. Strange things live under car seats.
9. Exhaustion never felt so good when your child poops in her little potty, even if it is by accident.
10. Nap time is bliss.


  1. All very good lessons! If you ever have a baby boy, you'll learn that if his stomach puffs out during a diaper change, you should move quickly! :)

  2. Amen. You also learn that just when you think you got the whole thing figured out, as in we have a good schedule going and I know she loves sweet potatoes, they will change in an instant, as in said schedule no longer works and she absolutely hates sweet potatoes. But, that's okay being a mom means being flexible too.

  3. cute blog! its adorable!

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    happy sunday!


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