Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time out Thursday

Holy Toledo it has been a super dooper long time since Pink Haired Momma has had a mommy time out! I have been feeling so sad, reporting my failure to our fearless leader in the Time out Thursday quest, Theta Mom . But not any more. This week I get to shout from the roof tops that I Pink Haired Momma had a mommy time out!

Some of you might remember back a long while ago, when Thursdays would bring this wonderful post about how I spent 30 minutes during the last 7 days to myself. Yes that is right just 30 minutes. Theta Mom challenges us as women and mothers to always remember to take a break for ourselves. If we are not rested then we can not be held responsible for the insanity that may ensue. Hmmm maybe I shouldn't take a break, HA! Just kidding. So anyway, on the last Thursday of the month we head on over to Theta Moms and link up to share how we in fact remembered to take a mommy time out and keep our sanity in check. It is a wonderful way to connect to other moms and also get ideas on how to spend your next time out! If you have heard my stories before on my mommy time outs, then stick around cause your gonna hear another. And if you are new to this, go check out Theta Mom and join us in this quest to remember to have a mommy time out!

So check this out! This is the ULTIMATE time out! I had the privilege this week to be honored with the greatest gift ever...
A cleaning crew came in and cleaned my entire house for me! Oh my goodness, I can not tell you how marvelous it felt to have a clean house and not be exhausted from baby poop changes and cleaning bananas outta places not fruit should ever go. So with my sparkling clean floors and fresh scented kitchen, I utilized Baby DIVA's 2 hour, let me repeat 2 HOUR, nap time to just sit around, watch tv, play on the Internet and take a little cat nap. And I did not feel the least bit guilty. That right there was the Mommy time out I needed the most. Allowing myself to just relax and unwind without the worry of the house being dirty, or the laundry needing to get done. It was by far the best 2 hours I have had in a super long time! I feel like a Pink Haired Princess!!


  1. A cleaning crew - I just became overcome with envy! That's what I need!!! And 2 hours online for you to play - AWESOME!!!

    Glad you are back mama!

  2. OMG - a cleaning crew! That's like the best time out ever. You win!!!

    My hubbie is finally feeling better, and thanks for your comments about your college experience. :)

  3. Wow that is awesome! I had that done once and it was the best thing ever. Such an awesome treat for yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog...I am now following you as well!

  4. Stopping by from Theta Mom. What a cute blog you have. Love all of the pink. I really like how you got your time in. Yeah.. Have a great day.

  5. I so want a cleaning crew to come to my house! Glad you got it, enjoyed it, and had 2 hours of relaxing.

  6. Holy Moly mommas,,,, that rocks! Dang it I so want a cleaning crew and maybe a chef.... too LOL

  7. That is SO awesome!! A CLEANING crew?!?!!?

    And I LOVE the way you write! I bet you are hysterical in person! :)

  8. I am SO JEALOUS! LOL! but so happy for you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you too! Look forward to getting to know you better!


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