Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stimulating Baby DIVA

Baby DIVA is very much into touching things these days. She loves to pet, smash, pat, pull, you name it. Our cats are getting a bit frustrated with this new found sensory game that Baby DIVA has developed. Among her bazillion trillion toys that she has for stimulation, I crafted up a little sensory board for her to "touch". I know it is simple, but she loves it. It was so easy to construct as well.

First I took a piece of cardboard and covered it with Hot Pink Zebra fabric, just for a little fancy flare. I then filled Ziploc bags with rice, almonds, and food colored water. I sealed the bags and attached with clear packing tape to the fabric covered board. I then found a little washcloth and attached this to the fabric board. I took our fabric rolly thingy (you know the lint remover) and pulled a sheet off, and then taped this to the board. And finally I taped a piece of aluminum foil to the board. Baby DIVA has 6 very different textures to touch, pat, push, pull and try to bust open :). She seems to be getting a kick out of this board and I am also taking the opportunity to try and teach her the words associated with the items on the board. It is a great cheap "toy" that I just put together from what we had lying around the house. So far we have gotten a ton of entertainment from it!


  1. How clever are you! I love this idea - they love to feel different textures, shapes, etc., but I never would have thought of doing something like this!

  2. Very cool. And I love the hot pink material. Very colorful.

  3. GREAT idea!! with my daughter's sensory processing issues we've also done:
    (cheap)hair gel in a large zipper bag(i recommend double bagging it)with glitter and small beads or toys...i've glued pom poms(ya know, the little fuzzy kind)onto a box filled with rice, water or soda bottles with colored water and glitter(tape the lid closed!) we've even gone as far as putting a couple of containers of dry oatmeal in a large rubbermaid container--with her in it!!(that one gets messy thought! lol)

    have fun with this!! its so fun when they explore!!

  4. Very clever! I would also say very brave with the colored water on there too.

  5. OMG! I clicked to your profile via the comment you left me and guess what?!?! We live in the same town! Who would have guessed. Love the blog (and I think the colors are fabulous!)

    What a great idea for stimulating Baby DIVA... and you can't beat that price!

  6. That is so awesome! And very creative!

    I think I might make one :)

  7. What a fun idea! I think i will make one for my little one!

  8. Tina you have some great ideas. I am so gonna put Baby DIVA in a bucket of oatmeal!! FUN!!!

    Too many hats I thought about the colored water, but the board is over tile. So here is hoping!!

    Christina that is too cool that we are in the same town! You should totally join my mommy group!

  9. Such a great idea! You could sell those (to people like me that would have never thought of making it at home LOL)

  10. Very creative idea! Looks like she's having a blast with it!

    When we were looking for some sensory activities, we let my son play with shaving cream. We'd pour it out and let him put toys (and hands and feet) into it. And also we made an indoor sandbox with bird seed. It was a huge hit.

  11. Crystal maybe i will someday! great idea!

    Staci I love the bird seed sandbox idea. What a cool idea!


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