Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daddy Mail

H4L has been working a lot of overtime lately. I have to admit I am not so sad, although I do miss him being home, but the extra money is quite lovely! Baby DIVA however, is a bit sad. Most days daddy is already gone to work by the time she awakens from her sleeping beauty spell. And Baby DIVA is tucked in, lullaby sang, teeth brushed, butt bathed and snoozed well before daddy returns from work, if I am lucky. So this leaves her missing daddy terribly. So much so that she rips out momma's heart on the weekend when daddy is home, by ONLY wanting daddy. So sad. For her and for me! Well I hate to see her missing her pops, so I came up with a plan.

I would like to introduce you to the DADDY MAIL.


Daddy mail is a unique invention of mine that will connect Baby DIVA and Daddy every morning. You see I am just so brilliant ( you may laugh now), I took a simple box and turned it into the "magic DADDY MAIL box" with some simple construction paper and markers. Nothing Fancy. Just a special DADDY MAIL box for Baby DIVA. I then took some very pretty note cards and inside each one a placed a picture of Baby DIVA and daddy. Every morning, before Daddy leaves for work, he can write a special message inside the note card, along with the special picture that momma placed inside. Daddy can "mail" his letter to Baby DIVA as he leaves for work, and then when she wakes up she can "check" her mail from daddy. We, myself and Baby DIVA, can then look at the picture of her and daddy, talk about daddy, I can read her Daddy's message and she can babble "dadadadadada" at me for a while.


Silly? maybe. Corny? maybe. Effective? I sure hope so! I think it is a great way for the two of them to stay in touch while he works all these extra hours. I am really hoping it helps her not miss him so much throughout the week. We will see how this week goes! Time will tell if DADDY MAIL is a hit!!


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea! Sooo creative and wonderful. I think you should make a prototype and market it!! Good job!!

  2. I love this idea!!!
    I think Baby Diva will love it!

  3. What an awesome idea. Let us know how Baby Diva likes it.

  4. Thanks guys! I just wanted something special for Baby DIVA and her daddy to connect with during these long hours. I know she is still young but I think it is a really fun way to let her mind wander and think abou him. Cool learning maybe?!

  5. Stopped by from Wordless Wednesday~ and I think this is a fantastic idea. Very creative and very special gift to give Diva and D4L.



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