Monday, February 22, 2010


Baby DIVA seemed quite enthralled with her DADDY MAIL. We awoke bright and early as usual, just moments after daddy left for work. I staggered with Baby DIVA, who is bouncy, tooth grinning and babbly, to the kitchen and grabbed myself come caffeine as we went to check the "DADDY MAIL" box. Baby DIVA was incredibly excited to find a little something inside the box.

She carefully shredded, I mean opened her little letter and looked inside.

Then she took off in a full sprint to "hide" her treasures in her toy car's top secret hiding spot.

Not too bad for her first letter. Daddy was a fabulous participant and wrote a short novel to Baby DIVA inside her little letter. After a short Pink Haired momma vs. Baby DIVA battle, I won her treasure out of her hiding spot and read her Daddy's sweet words and wishes of love and happiness for the day. Then I showed her the picture of her and daddy that was in the letter. She took it happily, then ate it.


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