Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tommee Tippee Explora Training Cup Review

It is quite possible you remember this post, where I mentioned that after a brief introduction to the "sippy", Baby DIVA decided she no longer needed a bottle. She was only 6 months old. Yes, my child gave up the bottle on her own at 6 months. I am a super dooper genius mom. Okay, so off my high horse and back to reality. Now you might be thinking that this is spectacular right? Sure. Except in place of her bottle she latched on to 1, let me tell you 1 type of sippy. If she is offered anything but this special sippy, forget about it. She prefers dehydration to any other sippy! Her stubbornness leaked through like crazy as we begin to stock up on the one style and brand of sippy that Baby DIVA found acceptable to consume her beverages by. We adapted, or rather we were trained by a toddler, as we all do when our children lay the law down.


Then 2 weeks ago, Tommee Tippee , sent me a sample of their product Explora® truly spill proof trainer up to review. I received a total of 4 sippy cups, 2 with handles and 2 with out. Baby DIVA has yet to show any interest in handleless sippy cups, so we stuck to the basics, the handles variety supplied by Tomme Tippee. After removing the handled cups from their packaging and of course giving them a bath, I filled up the the trainer cup with Baby DIVA approved beverages and handed it to her, hopeful, in suspense, wondering what lay in store for this trainer cup.


This is the first sippy that she has taken to besides the munchkin brand she has been using since she was 6 months old! You do not know how excited I am about this. The Tomme Tippee sippy cups are made of BPA free material and are very sturdy. That is a GIANT check in my book. The handles are constructed so that they are flexible to little hands yet sturdy so that said little hands can hold on. The lid screws on and is so snug that we have not had a single leak in the 2 weeks we have been using this product. Another real awesome feature is the mouth spout, nipple area. It is constructed of a solid material that is quite pliable. Baby DIVA can get a good grip but can not chomp through with her 14 teeth. She has also really enjoyed opening and closing the attached nipple cover. It is quite cute to watch her "open" it each time she wants a drink.

Tommee Tippee provided us with an Explora® truly spill proof trainer up . According to the website:

Explora® is a progressively staged feeding range, promoting seamless transitions from first sips & tastes to freedom in independent feeding & drinking.
Our superior advance-flo(tm) technology guarantees easier, super sensitive drinking without spills or leaks and the feeding products are intuitively designed for less mess and stress.

Here on the specs on this style of Sippy:
explora® truly spill proof trainer cup x 1 - Green / Pink
1 x 9floz/266ml cup
Stage 1 cup
Advance-flo™ technology for easy drinking
Unique soft-flex spout protects gums
Easy to hold handles
Hygiene Cap
Truly non spill & leak proof
BPA Free

Unlike other valve systems our active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof


I am very pleased with this new sippy. My mom even remarked on how well made this product is after spending an afternoon with Baby DIVA. Tomme Tippee as found a place in our home, as well as a place in Baby DIVA's hand.
*I was not compensated by monetary means in regards to this product. The opinions expressed are of my own with no persuasions in any matter.


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  2. I just bought this cup for my son and he loves it! It took him about 5 minutes to get used to and that was history!

    I like them cuz they're cute! LOL


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