Monday, February 1, 2010

Common Kid Virus

The other night at approximately 1 am, H4L and I were awakened by the shrills of a feverish Baby DIVA. Her temperature was running up near 103, and would not respond to Tylenol or Motrin. Although we were not panicked, it still is so not fun to have a feverish child, especially when you can not get the temp down. So first thing in the morning, we took her to see her peds.

It was there that the doctor brought to our attention a little virus that Baby DIVA may have. It is something I am not familiar with, although it is quite common for this age group. Therefore I want to share it with you, as many of you have children Baby DIVA's age.

It appeared that Baby DIVA had a simple virus known as Roseola. According to the Mayo clinic website, "Roseola is a generally mild infection that usually affects children by age 2. It occasionally affects adults. Roseola is extremely common — so common that most children have been infected with roseola by the time they enter kindergarten."

The symptoms are a fever and a rash. And The Mayo clinic defines the symptoms as such:
Fever. Roseola typically starts with a sudden, high fever — often greater than 103 F (39.4 C). Some children may also have a slightly sore throat, runny nose or cough along with or preceding the fever. Your child may also develop swollen glands in his or her neck along with the fever. The fever lasts for three to seven days.
Rash. Once the fever subsides, a rash typically appears — but not always. The rash consists of many small pink spots or patches. These spots are generally flat, but some may be raised. There may be a white ring around some of the spots. The rash usually starts on the chest, back and abdomen and then spreads to the neck and arms. It may or may not reach the legs and face. The rash, which isn't itchy or uncomfortable, can last from several hours to several days before fading.

Baby DIVA kept her normal happy and vibrant personality blooming all the while she was not feeling so swell. She was a bit testy but nothing out of the ordinary. Her temperature broke and we went on about our lives. A very easy and simple little virus to get through, common, but one to know about anyway. If you want to know more here is the Roseola link at the Mayo clinic!


  1. aww - poor baby!! roseola stinks - I remember my son had it when he was in day care when he was younger. It was crazy b/c it is so contagious (and I guess it is before the fever hits) so of course - passes thru day cares like crazy. I kept him home for 3-4 days until his fever broke and when I brought him back to day care, ALL the kids had that rash on them. Crazy!!!!

  2. My daughter didnt have Roseola...but she did have another fairly common virus called hand, foot, and mouth disease. Sounds scary but its a fever and then on your hands, feet, and mouth you get little blisters that CAN be painful to the touch. It lasted about 2-3 days and then she was back to norm.

    Hope Baby Diva is doing much better!

  3. The boys have not caught roseola yet. Knock on wood!! They've had just about everything else. I hope baby Diva is all better now!


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