Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where did that Sexy, Daring, Fun loving chick go?

When I meet new people they are often captivated by the sight of my hair. The 31 year old mom, with hot pink hair grabs their attention and I can see a flood of emotions in their eyes. Envy, distaste, wonder, happiness. The emotions vary but the stares do not. I have many people, new friends and old friends alike, that greet my hot pink hair with a “I wish I could do something like that.” I am always appalled and wonder and even more often say, “Well Why can’t you?” Sure, Sure not everyone out there is in the market for a head full of pink hair, but I know many women out there would like to do something daring, like a hidden tattoo, wear sexy lingerie, or even put a stripe of loud color in their hair, but these women do not do it. Not only do they not do it, but they also lack they confidence to do this. Why is that? Why are we so afraid to do something bold, daring or sexy for ourselves, as a woman?

So who are these women? Well they are you and me. They are moms. I have learned that as we jump head first into the wonderful world of motherhood, we are often tackled with a loss of confidence. We loose or sense of sexy, our daring youth personalities and we slip into the cliche age of motherhood. We find ourselves unable to walk into a gym and climb up on a treadmill because we are too ashamed as to what all the other people will think of us. Why? Because we think we have let ourselves go, and when we see our self in the mirror we no longer see the sexy person inside. We allow ourselves to slip into motherhood and we loose all regard for ourselves. The idea of getting up and getting dressed in something other than stretchy pants and ponytails is something of the past. We slowly drift away into the background even when we are looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Why does this happen? How is it that a woman who is incredibly confident in herself allow the sexy, daring, fun loving talent within her to diminish as she open heartily raises children. Sure our confidence level soars in regards to our kids; fighting for whats right in terms of our children is first on the line for all of us, but why does the confidence in our personal selves fade away? Why is it so difficult for us to find ourselves sexy, daring, and fun loving after entering motherhood?

Well I am tired of it! And I am going to do something about it! I know you are probably thinking, “But Pink Haired Momma, you have the pink hair, how are you lacking in confidence?” Believe me, I feel the lack of confidence just as much as you. I find myself feeling insecure and un sexy. I find myself not having the DARE about me anymore. I am guilty of stretchy pants and ponytails, everyday. But not anymore. Starting this week I am implementing Unleash the Pink and I am making a change. And I am going to challenge all of you, my fabulous readers who are feeling a little less than sexy and daring, to do the same thing ; YOU, my friend, can Unleash the Pink!

Every Thursday from here on out I will provide us with a PINKY DARE for the week that will help us regain our confidence as not only mothers, but as Sexy, Daring, Fun loving, Confident women. I promise you I am not pulling crap out of my ass in the making of these exercises. They are tried and true techniques that I have used in the past, or have researched or will research before prompting us and will put us to the test. After the PINKY DARE posts on Thursday, we all have 7 days to complete the task. Then as the new PINKY DARE jolts into our life 7 days later, we can share our accomplishments and reflect with one another on how we are becoming the woman we once knew. In no time I believe we will begin to feel a difference and some of you may end up with pink hair, I hope!

Are you with me? Lets Unleash the Pink in all of us!


  1. I am in! This is such a good idea!

  2. YEA!!! Rikki I am so glad you are gonna do it! I think it will be very rewarding for all of us!!!

  3. I'm half I am slightly scared.

  4. Awesome idea! I know I can use a kick in the pants to get out of my rut and live more freely. I've been working on this very concept for 2010 - to push myself out of the mommy zone.

  5. Thank you ladies for joining in. Bring any friends to the game you think need it, even if they dont write in, tell them to do this game in their life. We can all use some unleashing!!!


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