Thursday, October 22, 2009

9 days and counting! Ramblings of a soon to be Bride!

Holy Crap!

We are in the single digits countdown to our wedding! I am sweating pink bullets. Little pink ponds are being left all over Houston as I wander aimlessly about town. Beware my friends! A crazed bride to be Pink Haired Momma is on the loose!

So are we ready? Not Exactly.

Vegas is almost wrapped up. We just need to pack. Oh, and overnight ship a bunch of stuff to ourselves, because YES! it is so much cheaper to overnight our luggage than to pay for it to go on the plane! Pretty wild huh!! Rings have been purchased and are ready. Masks are en route as I type. Dress is in its special little transport bag and waiting its departure to Las Vegas. Hot pink shoes and diamond flip flops are waiting patiently to be packed, but I love looking at them so I will leave them out a few more days. Hubbs-to-be picks up his tux on Tuesday! Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts are ready to be placed in our adoring attendants hands. Baby DIVA is psyched about her first plane ride! My mom picked up her fabulous Mother of the bride dress today, and I must say she looks stunning! I LOVE it! So all in all Vegas is ready...HERE WE COME!

Now on to the hometown reception. Zoltar is excited about making an appearance for my wedding. The arcade games and photo booth are ready for delivery. The food planning and organizing is in the works. I am ready to get to boiling water and make the 2500 Jell-o shots before the reception. Cant promise I wont "test" the edible creations. The balloon release is almost complete. The tree and location have been selected for the tree planting ceremony. Favors have arrived and are ready to be put together. DJ is set. Plates, cups etc are a go. Tables and chairs and tents are a go. The alcohol and bartender are set. Honestly that being said do I really need to say more. hahah just kidding. Hometown reception is coming along very nice. As soon as we come home from Las Vegas, we will be working like mad to complete all the final details. But it should be fabulous! Even if we are hungover I mean exhausted from Las Vegas and only have 4 days to get everything together!!

I can not wait! I am so excited to be Hubbs-to-be's wifey! I am so excited to share a last name with my daughter and husband. I am terrified of busting my butt while walking down the aisle. I am afraid of getting the massive giggle attack during our vows and not being able to talk. I am terrified I am going to be "that" person on the plane who travels with a baby. I am not afraid of hitting the bottle as soon as the plane takes off, maybe a little sooner! LOL.

Wow. In 9 long days I will be a wife. I will be married. I really will be a Domesticated Pink Haired Momma with a daughter who is almost one and a fabulous husband and a fantastic life. When the heck did that happen??? And how did I get so dang lucky?


  1. Ohhhhh my! I'm so excited for you! Sounds like things are coming together rather well. Congrats on your almost nuptials.

  2. I'm excited for you and I can't wait to see pictures! I was freaking out about falling down while walking down the aisle too! I think that might be a normal bride fear though.

  3. Kekibird and Rikki!
    Thank you guys! I am so excited and so scared (rikki i too think we all have the same fears) of doing something dumb (unplanned bc I bust out with some silly planned things all the time)!
    Hope you guys have a fab day and thanks for coming by!

  4. Wow! Your wedding and hometown reception sound so exciting! Congratulations! I can't wait to read all about it :-)

  5. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you.
    I look forward to see pictures.

  6. Only 9 days away! I love reading your posts, I can feel the excitement in your voice and it just puts the biggest smile on my face.

    All the best to you and your family and please take lots of pictures for us!


  7. ooo congrats, make sure you take lots ofpics :)

  8. WOW! I love your excitement! Congratulations!!

    I have some awards for you, please stop by to collect - when you have some time. :)

  9. Oh wow, I love how crazy you are. Zoltar...hilarious.

    You must post pics.

    HOpe the jitters go away and Congratulations!!!!

  10. Thank you everyone for your well wishes!! I will keep everyone posted and hope to post pics throughout the event!!


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